Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Singapore "Polo Boys" TCS5 Drama! -- Singapore's Sexiest Water Polo Boys on National TV!

In continuation of my Sports-related Hunks, i would like to share to you guys, Singapore's Mediacorp latest chinese drama, kinky'ly titled, POLO BOYS, which has just debuted it's first episode, last Oct 15, 2009. @ Channel 5. Starring Adrian Pang, Nathaniel Ho, Michelle Chia and a bunch of hunky Singaporeans, "Polo Boys" involves a team of diverse young water polo men who learn to deal with complex issues like love triangles and teacher—student relationships.

The Epitome Of Singaporean Hunks! - Well defined, tanned & unafraid to show some skin!

"Polo Boys" has generated much publicity since February 2009 after more than 100 boys turned up for Mediacorp's audition dressed in skimpy speedos. "People Like Us" and also, some of the gals, are really anticipating to see the ever sexy tanned Singaporean Hunks ( however, i'm proud to say that one of them is a Malaysian Hunk though ), prancing around in tight red TYR-speedos on prime-time National TV!

Nathaniel Ho - The lead actor!

Singaporean boys love speedos ain't they!

During The Making Of Polo Boys

Well shaved armpits too@!

Who wants to guess whether their "privates" are positioned upwards? dwnwards? @ sideways?! Hahahaha

The Zeus of Singapore!

So cute, sharing their food together.
During a promotional tour of Polo Boys
Can you see Paul Foster's pierced nipple rings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So gay for a straight men or is he not?!!

Nathaniel Ho

Boys During The Audition for Polo Boys in February 2009

Hmmm....You can get sexy guys everywhere in Singapore..! Be it straight or gays! Where they have one thing is common...They love to tan!

Singapore's most famous blog hunk, Eddee Ignatius Peh also went to the audition!

Boys waiting to be called...Anyone wants one?
On the set of Polo Boys again...

I want Nathaniel Ho....Don't you agree Takashi, pluboy?!!!!!!

Everyone is looking tired by the end of the day

The way that guy is sleeping can be very inviting for a quick fuck lor...No no!

Singapore's TODAY's Newspaper cut-out ( 15 Oct 2009 )
"We figured it takes quite a bit of self-assurance, to say the least, to strut around in an itsy bitsy teeny weeny Speedo. So, we put these boys' confidence to the test by asking - Nat Ho, Paul Foster, Julian Low, Eddie Tioh, Kiwi Lim, Hansen Lee & Primero Ang to rate themselves " - Today

Nathaniel Ho ( 23 Aug 1984 ) - Singaporean
Hansen Lee,

Julian Low

Primero Ang
Eddie Tioh ( 10 Aug 1981 )

Paul Foster ( 15 Dec 1980 ) - Singapore
Kiwi Lim

Trailer for Polo Boys, TCS 5 Singapore.

A Sexy Wallpaper for you guys! ( please click for larger )
Nat, Julian, Hansen, Eddie, Kiwi, Primero, Paul!

So guys! For all the Singaporean Queers ( and also to those living in the Johor state where they can also receive Sg channel ), WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! Tune in daily at 8.00 pm, Channel 5, Singapore and enjoy the fun ya! Muacks from s=Simon!


Horny BF said...

instantly reminded me of Waterboys.
still remember back then when they showed Waterboys on TV!
that was so cool.

Hide and Seek said...

Wonder if the actors get to wear a shirt in the whole series :P

Anonymous said...

This site is so cool, love reading all the blog and postings, hope to chat with you soon... :)

Mandie Reed

Anonymous said...

But can they actually play polo? Can they deliver a line of dialogue without falling over laughing? Will two of the boys fall in love in this turgid melodrama? Does any of this matter? - Ian

William said...

First it was beach volleyball for girls, now it's water polo for boys... I wonder what will be next.

simonlover said...

Horny BF: Haik! Waterboys is one of my all-time fave dramas! Maybe i will post some the pics in the future.

Hide & Seek: Haik, by wearing a Speedo can be considered over-dressed lor!

Mandie: Thanks! U r one sexy helluva sexy gal too! =)

Ian: The only things that matters it the BODIES!!! =)

William: Singapore Gay Porn =P

Derek said...

Just watched it earlier. The story seemed quite good. At least there is a story and not just some poor excuse to parade around in speedos.

Anyway, Nat Ho can't act to save his life. Can't portray the angsty lead well. And I don't think he is the best looking among the cast also. Body is the least buff among all.

simonlover said...

Derek: Yer! Forgot someone is in Singapore! Envy! I dun reli like Nat Ho either, but then, he's popular ma. Hehehehe...Then who do u like leh? =) Tell tell?

Takashi said...

YEs i agree.. i so in luv with nathaniel ho!!! hahahahahahahah........ dun rebut celebrity with me!! u go pick other guys!!

Anonymous said...

Where can i watched or downlad the series? can some body give me the link? thanks

link within

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