Thursday, June 23, 2011


Wow! It's been ages since I've last posted colour thematic guys in my blog!!! Here are the previous "Boys In Colour" Posts : ( 19.7.2008 ) ( 13.2.2010 ) ( 24.2.2010 ) ( 3.3.2010 ) ( 8.3.2010 ) ( 7.4.2010 ) ( 21.6.2010 ) ( 7.10.10 )

Today, my ex-colleague from Far-Far-Away-Land came and visited me. Time flies indeed! It's been 7 months since left my Far-Far-Away-Land and flashes of my years spent over there can be very, very, very sentimental, tinged with sweetness. Hmmm...7 months back in Klang Valley...Let me count, 1 trip to Market Place, 1 trip to Mandi-Manda gay sauna, 1 outing with fellow gay bloggers, no anonymous hanky-pankies yet, 1 yumcha session with a gay gymmer that I eventually deleted his phone number that made me went under intense interrogation from da Horny BF....Well, it seems that my gay life hasn't improve much since I'm back to Klang Valley - eh?

Been under tremendous pressure from the loved one to move out, change a new job and spend more quality time with da loved one....What shall be the next step for me to take - leh?!!! Sigh....One thing that's surely doesn't happen only ONCE in my 7 months is...ARGUMENTS!!! -- Hahahaha...Nearly every week for 28 weeks, there is at least one big argument! -- SIENZ --ah!!!!!

Anyway...Enjoy Simon Lover's "Men In Black" - Part 1 ya! Muacks!

If just Singapore is as near as Pulau Ketam from Kuala Lumpur!!!! I wouldn't mind crossing over the border everyday just to have a dose of Singaporean Guys prancing around!!! Damn slutty right ( in a good way of course! ), Singaporean Guys, always like to strip off their shirt in public one, be it straight or gays?!! Right, right?! 

7-months of gymming?! Has Simon Lover transformed himself into a hunky lover like the boy above?! Well, let's just say that Simon has a sexier upper back than before! Hahaha...Shall show it to you guys in my upcoming ( or rather, delayed? ) HK posts?!

If just Malaysia is not a Muslim-majority country...Imagine how nice it will be to have Gay STrip Clubs in Malaysia?!! -- Sexy Malays, Chinese, Indians, Bumi Natives dancing around naked on stage and making the 1Malaysia Gay crowd go WILD?!!! -- Sigh...A dream that will never ever come true...Agree?

If just we can get see this kinda hunks more often in Kelana Jaya swimming pool. Nowaways, all the hunky lengchais are nowwhere to be seen at KJ pool - jor. Maybe because they hangout more often at GYMS eh?! -- Blame it on David, da Swimmerboi!
( A view from a swimming pool in Singapore.. Any readers can recognize which pool is it? )

Now, I know there ARE a lot of GAYS joining this Sunday's KL Marathon Run ....REMEMBER my fellow fags, after your RUN, please "UNDRESS yourself FOR SUCCESS - ya!!! 
And I want some supplies of sexy, half-naked, Malaysian Guys from KL Marathon, k?! 

I really like this guy a lot...I just don't know why...Anyone can help me to put up words on how to describe the guy's beauty?!

Hmmm....Gays with Hairy Legs are hard to come by nowadays...
It seems that being SUPER SMOOTH is the in-thing for gays!!!! Anyone of you has hairy legs?!!! Now...DON'T BE SHY - ya?!!! 

Now, if just Private Structure designed this kinda underwears in Malaysia...
Chup! Do anyone of you remember, way back when Private Structure is not as fashionable, famous, campy or gay-friendly in the early 2000's, where they used a Black model that ensembled WWE's wrestling champion, Booker-T, on their outer packaging? 

Argghhh...How can you let da stupid bitch adjust your cock for you?! No wonder there are more guys being turned into gays!!!

Do you want me or Will Smith instead? Take your pick!

Haha...I have the exact ARENA swim trunk! Maybe I should post it up here?!

Now, where are our Malaysian Boys eh?! Sigh, such a waste, swimming is not a part of Malaysian culture!

Now, at least people won't scold him for staring at people's bulge - eh?!

Watcha Lookin' At?!! Never seen a big, black bulge before?!

The Ultimate Men In Black! 
Do you agree with me guys?!


Just B3cks said...

your pics never fail m3!! Yumm... :P shall we see 'yours' in da next post pls?

Little Devil said...

1. The description about the "guy's beauty" is that he has a very nice and 'strong' facial feature. I find him reaaaaaaaaaaaaally attractive too even though his body isn't all that super ripped.

2. I have hairy legs XD

3. I wanna see more of your perky perky ass..i looove perky asses XD

Anonymous said...


I would particularly like to meet the second guy. A photo set with a DSLR would be good too.

Finally, of course we want to see your Arena trunks Simon!

gray-dots said...

Why blame me? I'm innocent... ;p

Jaded Jeremy said...

Balance in life is hard to achieve, right? But that shouldn't keep you from trying to aim for it. Good luck ya.

Bravebear said...

I have hairy legs =.="

link within

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