Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hong Kong GRINDR Boys! - Part 3 - Guy Next Door!

Yesterday, there was a guy customer, who's not bad looking, wore tight Philosophy Men T-Shirt and Tight Thigh-Length Shorts...Lingering around my counter while I was serving another customer.

Even while I was serving the latter, my willful eyes had kept looking at his direction instead! -- I'm being rude - eh?! Upon reaching the guy's turn, I immediately flashed my pearly smile ( Cher's Jesse James, anyone? ), hoping for some sparks to FLYYYYY......!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guy who wore tight-tight : Hi.
SimonLover : Yes, can I help you, mister?

Guy who wore tight-tight : Yes, do you have POSTINOR? 

SimonLover's mind: Immediately, WHAT THE FUCK?!!!! --- Why the hell that FUCKER wore a bright color  Philosophy Men T-Shirt that's so deep-V and tight till can see his pointy nipples and shorts so short till show off his shiny thighs, only for him to buy (*(&*^%$#@! POSTINOR?!!!! --- It's an emergency anti-pregnancy pill where the lady needs to take it within 3days after her partnerhad  CUMMED in her smelly cunt!!!! --- Arghhhhh --- If you want to dress like that, better go other place and buy instead of cumming to this horny professional and giving wrong signals!!

SimonLover: Yes, I have. How many boxes do you want?
Guy who wore tight-tight : Two boxes please.

SimonLover's mind: YUCK! That fucker is buying two boxes and I guess he won't stop fucking that smelly cunt anytime soon either!! 

SimonLover : Here you go. It's RMxx and you can pay at the cashier in front. Thank You.

SimonLover's Mind: Sigh...Why would such a handsome guy wants to go through all the hassles and fears of making his partner pregnant where he can have all the Gay Bottom Gays in Malaysia for him to bareback and shoot all his cum, how many thousand times in his life without any worries of causing pregnancy?!!! -- Kheksei! 

And when will all the lengchai gay-lou(s) come and ask me for consultations, especially regarding all sorts of condoms and lubricants that I'm selling - leh?!!! -- Another kheksei! =)

Anyway...Enough of crap rantings, here are more of Sexy Hong Kong's Guy Next  Door for you to choose!!! Hahahaha -- CAn't get enough of Hong Kong Boys? There are more to come!!! No worries! Muacks

Seriously, my eyes were totally fixed on Hong Kong Guys in Formal Wear. OMG! This time I have to agree that Singapore Guys finally had to take a backseat when it comes for guys in Work Clothes! 

"M" -- My favourite alphabet -- It means May for my birthday month as well!
and this "M" has all the qualities that I like...Smooth, white & pinkish skin, curvy red lips -- There are lotsa guys in Hong Kong that looks like him. Be it straight or gay, hence it's very difficult to spot a gay guy in Hong Kong!! Yikes -- Why do I always like Bottom Guys though I know I have no future with them?!!!! -- Another kheksei! 


Prince Patrick said...

Can I have "Ekim: contact number please! hahaha I wish I can get :p

SZ said...

eh u dint snap a pic of ur customer? lol..

and Don plz XD

William said...

Maybe he bought for his fag hag le...

Anonymous said...

Wah! This post is full of 'kheksei-ness' Hahahahaha!!!

Ooo... I like Don. Is he in HK?

Anonymous said...

yah in this section Don and Ekim steal my attention.

sexualHIStory said...

definitely Don, Ekin and M. hehehe

Nthnl Dmn said...

Don and Ekim is for sure !! XD

Anonymous said...

i like DON ...DON... btw wah u sell so many EHC to him?? u should have ask him to buy not normal contraceptive lo
like that get more profit in long run..hahaha

Anonymous said...

ahahaha....i have the same encounter as u do. some even come in tight pants with big bulge...awwwww!!! ahahhaaha

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