Saturday, June 18, 2011

HK Actor Bosco Wong Caught Naked!

Today, while I was sitting down, sipping my coca-cola after a tiring 1 hour Body Pump at Cheras LeisureMall's Fitness First ( Hahaha...Why did SimonLover went all the way from Klang to Cheras FF just for gym?! Tsk, tsk, tsk...Well, let's just say that Cheras's population are mainly Chinese.....Tsk, tsk, tsk! ) ---I saw this exciting article on SinChew papers!

Butt naked shots of popular Hong Kong actor Bosco Wong (黄宗泽) walking around in his home are causing a media privacy storm in the Chinese entertainment world!

The 30-year-old was photographed in his apartment, with his willy wobbling all over the place.
Two Hong Kong weeklies published the sensational shots, claiming he was stoked up waiting for his actress girlfriend Myolie Wu (胡杏儿) to “extinguish his passion.”
Bosco’s company, Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB), issued a statement criticizingSuddenly Weekly and Face for infringing their client’s privacy and said it reserved the right to sue the publications.
Bosco responded: “Of course I’m upset. I understand celebrities don’t have much privacy, but that was my bedroom. It violated the bottom line. I was born to a mother (????!!!!).”
The buff thesp said he likes sunlight streaming into his house and walking naked after having a shower.
More stories over here : 

Well, me and the Horny BF loves to be naked at home...Looks like we need to be careful - oh!


Little Prince said...

oh man that's just way too much!!!

Anonymous said...

You need to be careful? You're not a celebrity, so you don't have to worry. Hahaha!!!

Anonymous said...

Little Boy: What did you do at work today daddy?
Man: I hung around outside the house of an actor til he took his clothes off then photographed him in the nude and had them published in the paper.
Little Boy (sadly): My daddy's a peeping tom and a pathetic loser. Just like those who buy his paper. - Ian

Anonymous said...

People should have some basic legal rights to privacy in their own home.

Anonymous said...

oh nice

thompsonboy said...

it's want fame and this is it

...CARSON XIAO SHENG*** said...

hey.. simonlover.. i duno u fr klang de lea..
btw cheras FF wil beter thn klang de??

MrStrange said...

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