Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sexy Macau Grindr Boys!

Hahaha..Stepping into Macau with high expectations that their boys are as good as what Hong Kong Grindr Boys had offered us...Well, let's just say that there's no Part 2 for this series! Haha..

Macau Boys...There are some good looking ones indeed...However, the crowd there are leaned towards more of China's style. Hence, they are not as fashionable nor possesses metrosexual looks & skin, unlike their counterparts. And since Macau is the world's biggest gambling operator ( it overtook Las Vegas a few years back and in today's paper, Singapore is on her right track of dethroning Las Vegas as the world's second biggest gambling operator in terms of revenues, for this year ) need to expect that there are big crowds of Chinese tourists from China. Hahaha..Well, I wouldn't want to indulge more of the attitudes of these tourists, you know I know and I know you know it too! =P

Here comes the Macau Boys...!!! -- Some of them might even be tourists who happen to log in their Grindr account, just like us!

Brindr is always online and stays the nearest to us..and I feel he's one of the better looking guys in this series! - Agree?

Hahaha...Having a knack for cute twinks, Horny Bf couldn't resist flirting with this cute 18 years old, Macau Boy! -- Nice!


John said...

I would like to suggest a post full of free gay video downloads!! That will so please us as viewers <3 thank you

simonlover said...

Well, John..It's not that I didn't know about that..It's just that google doesn't allow excessive postings of illegal video dwnloads...If not, later my blog will be banned by google again, just like back in early May! =)

thompsonboy said...

I didnt even see any cute guys in Macau...twice I went there :S

Wushih said...

I celebrated my birthday there in macau for three days and three nights how come no one even gave me a wink of those cute guys you said hahaha