Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hong Kong GRINDR Boys! - Part 1 - Shirtless Studs!

Jeng, Jeng, Jeng! Let's start the ball rolling with the First Part of Simon Lover's HONG KONG GRINDR BOYS! -- Aptly titled --- Hunky, Shirtless and Sexy Hong Kong Studs!

Pardon me for the unedited pictures, especially when you can see the time the pictures were taken ( you see how I sacrifice my time & effort just to please you guys?!!! Hahaha ) because I don't have the Photoscape programme in my guest account and I have not repair my laptop yet...

I can remember my first trip to Hong Kong way back in 2008, I did not notice many lengchais in Hong Kong. All I can remember is that the guys there were short, small in sizes and dressed very - "lala-ish", aka "ah-beng-ish", aka unstylish.

Fast forward to 2011....OMG!!!! Everywhere I turn, every second I look around...SO MANY Lengchais!!! -- My "Guys in Workshirt Fetish" totally went haywire throughout my entire journey in Hong Kong...Even Singaporean Formal Wear Guys are no match for Hongkie Studs! Sg Guys in Raoul?!!! Puhlezzzz?!!!!!! ---- If just Malaysians wear that stylish to work..Everyone in tight fitting shirts and pants together with blazers and Raymond Lam Fung hairstyle! And the guys are no more short and skinny....Instead, they have transformed into tall, hunky, super-smooth-face guys that put our asses to shame! -- of the new 2011 century!

Don't believe me? Here is Part One of the Hunky Hong Kong Guys....!!! ( Hahaha...Though some of the guys doesn't quite measure up the quality, partly due to me of being able to online in my hostel at Mongkok only ( HK's version of Malaysia's Sungei Wang area? ) and Hong Kong is not a very wifi-friendly country as well -- It's very difficult to find free wi-fi in Hong Kong, hence, I did not manage to search Grindr Boys at Central Hong Kong ( HK's equivalent to Malaysia's KLCC/Pavilion area? )

My favourite picture in this post!! 
So, which one is yours?!!!! 


SZ said...

ur fav pic is the 2nd guy rite? almost look like cyrus li! but still cant win the charm of a cyrus li. LOL

Anonymous said...

Omg ! Their fucking hot !

Jay said...

ooohhh~ my dear chosen the guy no. 5, while I choose no. 6, young and cute, XD.

William said...

My, my, you have been busy.

Nthnl Dmn said...

3rd guy 'intimate' is HOT !

santies said...

all damn hot!

Anonymous said...

do these guys know you're posting their pictures online. Just because they are grindr doesnt mean they want their pics on someone else's blog.

but hot pics anyway!

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