Saturday, June 11, 2011

Be My 1997!

I was actually compiling some oldies for a tongue-in-cheek post of My Encounter With A Sugar Daddy - one. But then again, due to time constraint and no thanks to youtube, I got sidetracked by some of the videos instead! Hahaha..Looks like I have to put on hold of my sugar daddy first!

Be My 1997..It's part of my "Be My 1996" posts where I like to reminisce about the good ol' songs back then...
Way back in 1997, Hanson was like the Justin Bieber of our time..! Taylor Hanson was the Bieber! All the young girls ( and gays? ) loved and adored him! It's unfortunate for them that once Taylor's voice broke, they were unable to achieve their fame anymore ( and I wonder will it be the same for Bieber as well?! ).....

So, for those old enough, I hope you guys can remember this song and maybe you can post some comments of how was your life, back in 1997?!!! Muacks ya!

See how much they have grown up?!! Singing MMMBop at Dancing With The Stars, 2011

Yes, the infamous golden locks of Taylor Hanson, back when he was 14 years old! -- And I can;t believe I was already gay back then!!! Tsk, tsk, tsk...---And gosh, I wonder how could those X-tra large, baggy pants became the trendiest fashion style back then!


Sam said...

Back in 1997 i was only 7..
I listen to The Moffatts more back then..But my all time favourite are the Spice Girls

francoisxavier said...

back in 1997... i was 20 years old.. I was fan to this song... thanks Simon.. muaacckkk

Anonymous said...

Nothing lasts forever. Justin B and others like him would be wise to have fun, screw as much money as you can from them and when it's all over, get a real life. - Ian