Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Boys In White!

Who says White Colour is plain & boring?!!! These pictures below definitely prove that White Color can make all the gay guys go crazy!!!! - Enjoy from Simon.

I've once tried wearing a magnet-earring on my left ear. Wah!!!...Cannot, cannot... I look too gayish!!! - Maybe when the time where i have enough body muscles & look manlier...But till then, i can only watch in envy. Sigh.

Very nice swimmer bod indeed. If just he's willing to share his "HEAD" for all of us to see as well...

The guy looks kinda sexy in this BUM Equipment Trunk. I don't really look good in BUM"s trunk, only in their briefs. Maybe cuz i'm a lil' on the short side kot...

Who wants to help him clean his butt?!!!! Please hands up!

A plain, tight white singlet, if dressed properly, definitely makes one looks sexy!

Sexy Singaporean Hot Bod, Eddee Peh, in white surf shorts!

A-Ha!  A very ironic picture indeed. I have a white Arena swimtrunk too..But wat is missing is the Horny BF's Devil Headgear! - If not, i would have dressed in that pose for u guys to see oh!! Hehehe

And i wonder why, there are still so many people who does not know who is Brent Corrigan! He's arguably the most famous "Bottom" in the porn industry for the last few years! Though his popularity is kinda waning, maybe due to the fact he's getting more & more muscular compared to his innocent, twink image back then

I admire guys who like to camwhore. At least they are proud to show it to the world. Haik..Unlike me hor. Sigh

These White Swim Boxer-Trunks are very popular among gays in Taiwan.

Can anyone help me to identify this hottie? Tenchunk? All i know is his name is called Tiger or 小虎. There are many pictures of him in the internet bt i can't really find it, especially when i google the word" 小虎 " and all kinds of images are displayed instead of him pulak...Haha

What are you guys lookin' at? Never see a lengchai before ah?!

Sexy Gay Chinese Model, Li Xiaobing!

And of cuz, we have our very own, Sexy Malaysian Model, Phirence Tan in sexy SEED swimtrunk!

But lest we forget, Singapore's numero uno Gay Icon, Jake Ng Ming Han, looking sexy in white!

Hahaha..Something is TOO BIG over there till he can't even zip his sexy shorts! Wanna guess wat isit?!!!

Ermm...I think something is popping out from that tight Arena swim trunk leh?!! "Oh, Behave!"..( Haha...Kinda miss the old "Austin Powers" movie eh.. )

Some guys have all the luck. With a bulge & arse big enough to support the towel from falling. Ish!

The Number "6" should've been printed on the remaining left-sided Butt to make it "67" - Hehehehe - What does "67" means is Cantonese leh?!!! - Ask William or PluBoy oh!

Another Malaysian Hottie, Josh Fiqrie in an ultra skimpy swim trunk. Why can't we have more Malays wearing those kinda trunks in public leh?! Maybe Ichimaru / Sofi should start the "Ball" rolling lor!!! Or our sexy Sarawakian Andy Chester?!!! Hehehehe

Imagine your hands all over Ronnie Wu's body...Spreading the Tanning Lotion evenly....Orgasmic isn't it?

Last but not least, the Sexy Chad White, in an All American White Outfit! No wonder they say, America Is Heaven!


William said...

I just got my first pair of white square cut swimtrunks from Croota, compliments of SK. :P

nicky05 said...

All so sexy in white...XD

Takashi said...

my iphone is white!!

blue said...

"At least they are proud to show it to the world. Haik..Unlike me hor"..i find this sentence such an understatement when ur so happily parading ur butt to the world to see :P

simonlover said...

@William: Hehe. Okok! One day, me, you & Takashi wear our white trunks and go for a swim ya!!! I wonder what will ppl think when they see 3 handsome guys in skimpy white trunks...Sexy?! Hahaha

@Nicky: Yup! I'm sure u look good in white as well. The White Horse Prince!

@Takashi: U shud hv camwhore some pics for me to put in my "iphone cuties" post. Maybe d nextm i shud dedciated 1 full post of Takashi, Iphone Cutie?!

@Blue: Haha. You can rmbr my butt? I can rmbr ur look as well too! Hehe

Anonymous said...

Hi I dont know if you ever got the name on the guy named tiger but he has flickr account goes by NO.03 Tiger

Meve Horron said...

Saki Ootsuka !

Junna Hara !

Nami Oumi !

Tomoe Hinatsu !

Maki Amemiya !

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