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Echoes Of The Rainbow 歲月神偷

Sorry guys for MIA yet again! Well, which company in Malaysia where you can get 30-days annual leave & also get to carry-forward the balance for the following year as well?! At the time of writing, i left about 35 days of annual leave while The Horny One has about 47 days left! That is why, there are always pros & cons working in the public or private sector, which you either love or loathe!

Back to business...Recently, i went to watch a wonderful award-winning Hong Kong film, Echoes Of The Rainbow ( 歲月神偷 ) with The Horny One at GSC, Midvalley on a lovely, quiet & peaceful weekday - It has been a few years ( Yup, a few years! ) since we've last watched a movie in Midvalley.Well, i think ALL OF US know how's the crowd like during weekends in Midvalley. We also make full use of our expire-less Student Card for the extra discount too!!!  Hehehe

The movie has won a lot of awards including
The 60th Berlin Film Festival - Best New Generation Film (Crystal Bear Award)
29th Hong Kong Film Awards
Best Actor: Simon Yam
Best New Artist: Aarif Lee
Best Screenplay: Alex Law
Best Original Song: 歲月輕狂 - Aarif Lee
Nominated : Best Female Actress, Sandra Ng & Best New Artist, Buzz Chung.

A short synopsis from

The film uses the sad but longing 1960s old Hong Kong as its backdrop. The story follows the travels of a small family - the father (Simon Yam), a shoemaker who makes new shoes everyday but yet always wears a pair of broken shoes, the optimistic and protective mother (Sandra Ng); the oldest son (Aarif Lee) - smart, athletic and optimistic about the future and love and the younger son (Chung Siu To) who is curious, can recite his alphabet backwards, and has the ability to make his parents laugh. As a family, they live in old Hong Kong marked by the East-West cultural mix and the rich and the poor co-existing together. The film follows how the family faces life's challenges, ups and downs, and the tears within laughter, and the laughter within tears. ( I have always like to watch a movie without knowing the storyline in the first place. The discovery that you get as the film played through, makes the film much more sweeter and memorable )

 Wonderful acting from Simon Yam & Sandra Ng...
   Haha. I have never tried hurdles before. I will try to escape from it epecially during PJ sessions.

 Cute little Buzz Chung.

Do expect many "tears-defying" scenes throughout the show, especially the brotherly bond between Aarif Lee & the innocent-yet-cheeky looking, Buzz Chung. The film is indeed worthy enough to be watch in cinema.

Some of the philosophical quotes in the movie : "Echoes Of The Rainbow - Aarif Lee will explain that if we are lucky enough, we might get to see the reflection of a rainbow as well. No one has seen it before, but at least there is something for us to keep faith in & look forward to. Just like what The Horny One quoted " Have you seen the echoes of the rainbow? Even if not, it would be a great metaphor for empty promises, yet holding so much hope at stake."

 Well, i myself is the youngest child in my family. I have an elder brother who is currently residing across the Causeway. Me & My Bro doesn't talk much ( Haha..maybe due to the fact that i would prefer to talk less with my family members in order of not exposing my alter-ego, Simon Lover's persona? Hehehe ). During our youngers days, we would always argue on basically, every thing that is arguable - more often than not, it's usually related with food -

 Brotherly Love...

For example:  "How many fishballs that you ate?! - Each person can only eat three "biji"! So, when either one of us ate more than that ( Purposely or unknowingly - 'cuz before we proceed our food fest, we will usually count how many fishballs first - So, lying does not help over here! ), expect some fireworks on the dining table. And usually i'm the noisier one ( I have a voice that can shatter all the glass windows of Petronas Twin Towers when i scream - which, FYI, i'm not proud of,  at all ! ). And because of that, I'm usually the one who had to suffer the brunt of The Mum's canings - Her reason was " Those who made the most noise, automatically is the trouble-maker - regardless of who started the fight first!" Hence, you can see why i don't see eye-to-eye with The Bro, back then. Hahaha.
But of course, as the years goes by, all the hatred has turned into sweet childhood memories. And as usual, since i'm the youngest one, do expect some form of pamering from The Bro as well. Hehe. Buying a souvenir for me is always very easy. A "S" size T-Shirt will do just fine for me.

Finally, how can a post claimed to be Simon Lover's without the eye-candies trademark?!!!

The current Hong Kong Cantopop It-Boy & boyish looking Aarif Lee Chi Ting ( 李治廷 ). He has a slight resemblance between Wang Lee Hom & Bruce Lee.

DOB   : 26.2.1987 ( 23 yo )
Height : 5'8" (~173cm)
Languages : Cantonese, Mandarin, English
Education  : Graduated from the Imperial College London (Physics) - 2008
Hobbies    : Swimming, Music, Movies
Favourite music : Stevie Wonder, Alicia Keys, John Mayer, Amy Winehouse, Beyond, Jamiroquai, Jason Mraz, Michael Jackson, Norah Jones, Pink Floyd.
Favourite movies: Transformers, 300, Finding Nemo, The God of Cookery (食神), Infernal Affairs (無間道)
Favourite sports: Wakeboarding, jogging.

His dad is a Chinese-Malay while his mum is Chinese. Hence, the name of Aarif....

 Is he good looking or not?
Music Awards: 
Chik Chak 903 Music Awards 2009 - Male Newcomer Award [Gold]
Metro Radio Hit Music Awards 2009 - Male Newcomer King
Metro Radio Hit Music Awards 2009 - Newcomer Songwriter Album - Starting From Today
SINA Music Awards 2009 - My Favourite Male Newcomer Award [Gold]

A very well-toned body indeed!

Now, do you really want to eat the cake that he made or something else instead?!!!

Buzz Chung & Aarif Lee
Aarif Lee, receiving the Best Newcomer Award in the 29th Hong Kong Film Awards 2010.
 Singing the theme song @ HKFA 2010
 With his beautiful co-star, Evelyn Choi.
Arriving @ HKFA 2010. Look at the "circled" guy on the right. With a stare like that, he's either looking at the pretty Evelyn Choi, or he's envious of their popularity or he's totally gay & was feasting his eyes on Aarif Lee...What say you?!

A young Aarif Lee...

And now, all grown-up...the 23 years old Aarif Lee...

And i hope, Hong Kong will finally have more newcomers like him to bring back the buzz on HK's entertainment scenes!

Trailer from the movie, "Echoes Of The Rainbow"


Robb said...

i somehow dun really like aarif's long face.


i haven't watch this movie yet

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A very strong jawline.

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