Thursday, April 8, 2010

Taiwanese Hunk - Tiger, 小虎! Part 1

Thanks to an Anonymous reader of mine, i finally got hold, a complete collection of this cute Taiwanese Hunk, Tiger or 小虎. However, what's lacking is his complete profile such as age, stats, etc! All i know is his nickname & he's from Taiwan.

Haha...Since 2010 is the Year Of TIGER, Mr. Tiger over here,is definitely a cause for celebration! I will post more of his pictures periodically [ I think his collection can last for the entire year, my darling! - But it will also depend, whether i'm still blogging or not by then - Who knows, maybe Simon Lover has gone tired since that period, SL will be at a major crossroad in his career & life, as well?!!! - Sigh.. - 6 more months to go! To Leave Or Not To Leave?....Hmmm ]!

Anyway, hope you guys will enjoy the First Part of the Tiger, 小虎 series. Kisses from Simon Lover!


He has a very beautiful tanline, doesn't he! I'm so envious!!! =)


William said...

He is cute in his own way. I wonder if this is his full-time job.

the happy go lucky one said...

he is cute, but not really my cuppa. hmmm im not very sure abt ur job nature, but i think theres always pros and cons in every different field. my friends who were bonded with public sector before this are equally happy (if not happier)now with the benefit. wish u all the best :)

Evann said...

I think he def looks better clean shaven. His mustache not here not there, look very hamsap.

Anonymous said...

I think he is damn fugly... i don't know why ppl kept posting his pic...

Hide and Seek said...

His nipples are tempting... :P

Rob said...

That last picture of Tiger showing off his sexy tanline is sooooo hot!

Meve Horron said...

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Maki Amemiya !

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