Sunday, April 11, 2010

Cause You're My Number 1!

A very peaceful weekend indeed for me, especially since i've been up and down between my hometown-workplace ( It's 350km, one-way guys! ) for the past 4 weekends!

A quiet weekend also means i'm usually in a more sombre, moody mood! Haha..Maybe cuz i have nothing to do. So, of late, i've been searching & watching videos on youtube. I prefer to watch live perfomances instead. From Tori Amos, Tina Turner, Queen, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Kylie to Chinese Superstars e.g Aaron Kwok, Leslie Cheung, Anita Mui, Grasshoppers, Faye Wong.... In the meantime, i took a short break and managed to watch some episodes of TVB's "Forensic Heroes" ( 法證先鋒 ) repeat on Astro's 314 and and when i went up to my colleagues' house, they were watching Jordan Chan's ( 陈小春 ), 1998 version of "Duke Of Mount Deer aka "Wai Siu Pou" ( 鹿鼎記 )! Such sweet memories!

But then, soon after, i'm back in my peaceful, quiet room and ended my night with some lovely mp3(s) before felling asleep. But of course, not without the daily dose of the Horny One's ramblings. Especially since the last few days, where he had some production shooting with ____ for her TV programme, there were more gossips for me to listen! Especially on the Hot, Handsome Co-Stars!

So, Here is one of my current favourite, ( though the song was released back in 2005 ) - Goldfrapp's "Number 1" dedicated to some one out there.....

A short review of that song in wikipedia:
"Number 1" is a mid-tempo electronic love song about the importance and meaningfulness that somebody shares with another, despite that it might not necessarily last"..

Hehehehehehehe ----- Tongue-in-cheek SL eh?!!!  

Goldfrapp - Number 1 - Live @ UK's Top Of The Pops 2005
( Their music video on youtube is subjected to copyright. That's why embedding is disabled )

In the meantime, here's one sexy Korean model! Wow! Such a perfect body in nicely fitted clothes!!! Definitely wouldn't mind to have a "drink" with him!


Sh@KiR@ CK said...

OMG, lets pray that my youngest may marry a Korean now that she is there! LOL
I just want great looking grandchildren you know? LOL
How are you?
Take care of yourself ok?

SZ said...

why dint watch my britney on youtube de?? LOL..

the guy very cute!

simonlover said...

@Shakira: I'm fine my dear! Haha! Well, i hope she'll marry a guy like "Rain" oh! Will definitely produce a beautiful mixed-breed baby! Hehe

@SZ: Got ah. Just that too many lip-synching nia. Bt she can dance well though.

JK said...

hehe wah you listen to tori amos ah? i was a big fan lor 10 years back... crazy teenage angst poetics/music but i think i would 'get it' more if i were a girl... still my gay friend in school would talk about her and other gay-friendly divas like björk etc etc during pendidikan jasmani, while the other boys talk about tits and football :P

goldfrapp is great too ^_^ ......nice to see another malaysian fag with 'alternative' taste in music.

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