Thursday, April 1, 2010

iPhone Cuties!

A few weeks back, The Horny One has finally joined the iPhone craze among the gay community. Cam-whoring is at it's peak! Applications such as Grindr has made the Horny One hooked to it ever since, especially when we were down in KL! Not that i'm angry or anything, i enjoy cruising at Grindr guys as well! Hehehe. But beware, Grindr has quite a strict T&C as well. Example : It banned me from putting my ass pic in it! Maybe in my future posts, i shall share with you guys, some hot Malaysian Grindr Hunks ya! Hehehe.

In the meantime, here's some iPhone Cuties & Hunks for you guys to feast on!


Jake Ng Ming Han has an iPhone too!

Hehehehe.. Maybe Me & The Horny should post our iPhone-whoring pictures as well?!!! Hehehehe.... Anyone. Have a nice day ya!          Muacks from Simon Lover!


William said...

When re you getting your iPhone?!

the happy go lucky one said...

nice collection! and the one in the bath tub is super cute :)

Anonymous said...

The guy in first and second photo is so so so amazing. Where did you get it from? I wanna know him.

simonlover said...

@William: Haha. Maybe i'll try Digi's plan? Hehe..Aft that can add u in family&friends oh! -- Haha. Later KH marah pulak =P

@HGLO : Yalor. Cute hor. Wasted he didn't share more of him in the tub! Sigh

@Anonymous: I think it's kinda hard to get to know him cz i found him in random www. Sorry dear.

Anonymous said...

Where to find yah? Got more photos of him? :)

Clayden L. said...

bentbear! LoL i recognized the 4th from below. hahahha

but the first guy is super cute to me though my taste of guy would be the 13th. love that arms! LOL

Anonymous said...

That would be nice if ur posting photos eith owners permissions.