Monday, April 5, 2010

Mr.World 2010 Winners!

Mr.Ireland 2010 , Kamal Ibrahim, was crowned as Mr.World 2010, in the recently concluded Mr. World 2010 Pageant, held in Incheon,Korea, 27 March 2010. The Italian-Nigerian hunk bested 73 other delegates from around the globe to win the title. Mr. Czech Republic won the First Runner-Up while Mr. Nigeria was the 2nd-runner-up. Here are the winners pics.

Mr.World 2010, Mr.Ireland's Kamal Ibrahim. 

Well, though he's not my type, bt he sure look kinda hot in this picture!

1st Runner Up - Mr. Czech Republic - Josef Karas 
( Hmm..I dun really find him appealing at all...Hahahaha )

2nd Runner-Up - Mr.Nigeria, Kenneth Okalie.
And i wonder why, there were so many gorgeous contestants as well that did not made it to the final-3! For example:

Mr. Brazil 2010
He came out tops in most of the polls that asked, who's the winner you would like to see the most! Though he mad it in the last 15.

Mr.Slovakia 2010

Mr.Serbia 2010

Mr. Thailand 2010.

And where is our beloved, Mr. Malaysia 2010 leh? 
Malaysia was represented by Mr. David Lian, a 20-year, 188 cm tall guy.
Here are some of the pics that i could find on the net....

He look kinda mean, doesn't he...Yikes!

Mr.Malaysia, the far-right hunk..

He doesn't like to show his teeth when he smiles, eh?

With fellow Mr.World Contestant...

Malaysia International Model Search Winner 2009...

Hmmm...The swim trunk doesn't do justice for David at all..Kinda look unsexy eh..I prefer swimtrunks where the waistband fits tightly, in one straight horizontal line....Not looking like a V-Shaped Waistband-Swim Trunk...

David look much, much, much more good-looking when he's fully clothed, eh? Agree, guys? Hahaha...Bias me...

Well...Maybe ONE DAY, we might see a Malaysian winning the Mr.World title, eh. Kan Malaysia Boleh?!

Up next..More Pretty Pictures of other Mr. World 2010 contestants as well ya! Muacks From Simon!


William said...

Mr Czech has funny eyes! Mr Brazil is awesome!!! Why didn't he win? :(. Mr Malaysia looks constipated!

Anonymous said...

What is it with Mr. Malaysia? His lips looks awkward, as though he's half pouting and doesn't like to smile. Like that also choose him to represent the country ah?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Simon should nominate the Horny BF as the next Mr Malaysia entrant. I'm sure he is much better looking that the sour faced David Lian. :) - Ian

PS Don't be shy Horny One. Hehehehe

Gratitude said...

Simonlover and HornyBF could become Mr. Ambassadors for Arena.

Evann said...

OMG Mr Brazil for the win!!

Like that also can be Mr Malaysia? Gagal - G9.

I wonder who represented Singapore. Maybe a Julian Hee lookalike? ^_^

the happy go lucky one said...

can i hv mr slovakia? yeah i second the nomination of simon and the horny bf :)

simonlover said...

Ian & Grat: Haha. We already modelled for Arena before! Look back @ my "Bad Romance" post! Hehe

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