Sunday, April 11, 2010

Cute Taiwanese Host, Marco Yang - A Shy Guy?!! - Not!

I came across a cute video of this cute Taiwanese Host, Marco Yang ( 杨子仪 ), on his TV programme, "World No.1, Taiwan ( 世界第一等 ). In one of his episodes, he visited an indigenous village in Papua New Guinea, where the indigenous males have their own, "national" costume. So, as the guest-of-honour, out-of-respect, Marco Yang had no choice but to accept the indigenous people invitation for Marco Yang, to dress in their "national" attire! - Hehehe...For more information, do watch the video instead! ( But the video would've been sexier if they had exposed more...Sigh )

楊子儀 - 蠻荒陽具部落 (世界第一等 2010-03-24)

Marco Yang got his dick adjusted in public!

Here are Marco Yang's travel blog, wretch,youtube videos and facebook

Here are some of his cute youtube videos as well....!!!

20091007世界第一等-楊子儀 非洲喀麥隆(矮人村)

Again, he had to strip because of the request from the Papua's indigenous people!

楊子儀 浙江外景 幕後花絮

Over here, Marco Yang needed a jab on his butt. Cute!


Marco Yang, video-whoring shirtless in his Hotel room!


William said...

He is my cup of tea! And the he had to put one ball in the dry gourd sheath. Ouch.

Takashi said...

OH my god.

now i know why i miss u, simon!!

simonlover said...

@William: Haha. And i wonder why they wanna blow air into that long thingy attached to his dick hor?

@Takashi: Haha. Why you miss me leh?! We have never met before wor...

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