Saturday, April 10, 2010

Taiwanese "Susan Boyle" Vows The Crowd!

It is always heartwarming to see unprivileged people, kicking the asses of the snobbish group of people, blessed with good looks but soulless heart!

Taiwanese, "Lin Yu Chun" ( 林育群 ), dubbed as the next "Susan Boyle", performed a stunning rendition of Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You",on Taiwanese talent show, "Super Star Avenue" ( 超級星光大道 ).

From the Associated Press, 

" Lin, 24, admits he suffered from a lack of self-confidence because of his plain looks and weight. "Being fat draws a lot of mockery in our society," he said.  "

To cope with the fat jokes, he locked himself in his room and sang songs by Celine Dion and Mariah Carey. But it was Houston's song from the soundtrack of the 'The Bodyguard' that gave him the most solace.

"I played it again and again even though my parents couldn't stand it anymore and asked me to stop," Lin said. Poor little dude! "

So who is Lin Yu Chun?

Lin Yu Chun was born in March 9, 1986, now 24 years old. Lin has won several singing contests in the past. Before his appearance on Super Star Avenue, he joined another TV talent show Super Idol ( 超級偶像 )  but was eliminated. Lin Yu Chun got into Super Star Avenue as a challenger, which is perhaps surprising since Avenue is a more popular show than Idol.

Well, the Asian Entertainment Scene can be very cruel sometimes, especially nowadays. If you look at all the Asian Idols currently, can you name me one Male Taiwanese Singer that looks like the Hong Kong Singer, George Lam ( 林子祥 )?! I bet if George Lam were to begin his singing career at this moment, his album won't even sell! Hahahaha - Reality sucks, ain't they!

So, here are the youtube videos of Lin Yu Chun singing. Hope you guys will enjoy your weekend! Muacks from Simon Lover!

Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You"

"Amazing Grace"
Haha...I think his Handsome Competitor in the background felt kinda threatened with that soaring voice!


Anonymous said...

Sings songs by Whitney Houston, Celine Dion and Mariah Carey? Mocked because he hasn't the perfect male body and looks? Hides himself in his room because of that? Definitely gay. Good luck to him - Ian

plainjoe said...

Man...I got goosebumps all over me listening to his voice. This chap deserves a standing ovation, three times all over!

Devil said...

he lose out edi.. watch out the latest episode of the competition :)

Ten Chunk said...

I love another boy in 4th "Super Star Avenue". :)

William said...

His voice is really hebat. But 24? Doesn't look it. Like a kid.

Horny BF said...

Funny his voice resembles a gal's, more than a guy's. At least Boyle's voice sounds so much like a .... erm, lady's?

Nice hair cut though. Should I get one ah? :)

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