Friday, April 30, 2010

Mr. Hong Kong 2005 - Matthew Ko Kwan Yin ( 高鈞賢 )

Hahaha...I'm seriously out of topic ady. Had no other choice but to resort slutty tactics of posting sexy Asian Men pictures eh?!!!!

Today's Pretty Young Asian Guy is none other than the inaugural winner of Mr. Hong Kong 2005, Matthew Ko Kwan Yin ( 高鈞賢 ). You guys might have seen him in TVB dramas before as part of the supporting casts. There are not many pictures of him dressing scantily - which does not fit Simon Lover's motto at all - Hahaha - But the reason i chose him is simply because, i find him very gorgeous - especially his tanned-smooth face & proportionately well-toned body! Hehehe.....As for that, i think you guys should have look & judge him by yourself ya! Take care.

DOB : 20 May 1984
Stats: 185cm, 75kg

At the age of 7, Matthew emigrated to Toronto, Canada with his parents. He returned to Hong Kong in 2004 and worked as a model. In 2005, he became the first ever winner of Mr. Hong Kong and subsequently signed a contract with TVB. Ko speaks fluent English, Cantonese and Mandarin.
TVB Drama Profile:

His official TVB Blog :

Doesn't he looked very smart?!! I have a fetish with guys in suit ya'know!!! Hehehe

Such a flawless complexion!

He purposely went & get a darker tan plus, a crop short hair for a new look! Nice or not?!
Fellow TVB colleagues = On his right is Mr.Hong Kong 2006, Francois Hyunh.

Fellow Burning Flame III colleagues 烈火雄心3

Changing his clothes during Burning Flame III

Hmm..His thighs are quite big too eh...
Tanned White Horse Prince! Hehehe
Hmmm..The gal look kinda slutty though...

How nice if he always show more skin in his pictures!

With his Pet Dog..Mon Mon...

He's a good dancer as well. Love him in his tight Latin Dance costume!
Practising for TVB"s version for "Dancing with the Stars" ; Strictly Come Dancing (舞動奇跡)
Cute, perky, tight butt eh?!!
Matthew Ko when he was young..
Matthew Ko in his teens...Look at his flat chest -- Haven't been to the gym yet @that age....

Matthew Ko snapped by paparazzis while at the beach!
Of course i would have prefer him wearing triangular swim trunks instead!

PICTURES from  HIS MR.HONG KONG 2005 Moments!

Though they could have gotten his a nicer looking swim trunk....

His charming smile vowed the judges & audiences kot...
Suave looking....
Winning the Mr.Stylish as well...On his left, is his runner-up, Byron Pang....


Bravebear said...

something with his left eye sides. but no doubt he is still very lengzai.

nicky05 said...

He so cuteeeee!!!!...hehehe

William said...

In comparison, he is a bit on the thin side. But still cute.

XIAN said...

eh!! in the tenth pic with Francois Hyunh on his right, the guy standing behind the both of them is also vry hot and FREAKING CUTE AND HOT REALLY! as well as the guy on Francois Hyunh's right. they both play supporting roles in tvb's latest drama called SUSPECT IN LOVE. check out the other hunks in the drama too. =P HOT

Anonymous said...

cute...though he seemed ordinary to me.

Anonymous said...

Just saw this post after about a year it was posted.

Just to clarify, that is actually not Francois Huynh in the picture. Instead, that guy is actually Francois' brother, Stephen Huynh, who took part in Mr. Hong Kong 2005 in the Fitness Category but lost it to Rocky Cheng.

Stephen is now somewhat of a regular supporting actor in TVB and he's definitely one DAMN FINE specimen of male hawt-ness! *melts* =)