Monday, April 26, 2010

I Think It's Ridiculous How Chinese Guys Nowadays Are Super Self-Obsessive!

Hunky blogger sent me a link of this cute and hilarous youtube video that parodies the fact of life, where "Young Guys nowadays, be it straight or gay, are very self-conscious of their looks"!

p/s: The video is in Cantonese ( Well, the guy is from Hong Kong, my dear! ). So, i guess this post is only meaningful for those who understand the language. SO SORRY, my dear readers!

In the meantime, please enjoy the video ya!

Some of my favourite quotes from him are:
  • Certain guys like to camwhore by snapping their pics with their handphone/camera from 45 degrees above because their chin/jaw will look sharper & slimmer.
  • Certain guys like to camwhore with their sunglasses on!
  • Some guys take ages to dress up / look in the mirror!
  • And the funniest is of course, some guys like to mimic "Fahrenheit"s hairstyle ( Or Fei-Lun-Hai Tao ) where the distance between each hair strand/fringe falling over their forehead must be of a certain distance & ultra-straight!
 The Gorgeous Taiwanese Super Boyband, Fahrenheit! ( 飛輪海 )
Calvin, Jiro, Aaron, Wu Chun!

You tell me?! Who wouldn't want to have Fahrenheit's hairstyle wor?!!!!
My favourite is definitely Wu Chun's hairstyle oh!

Which brings us into today's question, 
"How obsessive are you guys when it comes to maintaining your appearance epecially when you're outside of ya'home?! "


William said...

I'm guilty of the tilted head thing. :D

the happy go lucky one said...

lolll... but i see nothing wrong with that lor, as long as not over doing it :P
i myself hardly obsessive with my own appearance as its beyond help/repair already :P

impotenta said...

Very good stuff here :)

Anonymous said...

the guy is cute,,,

Bravebear said...

Er, whats wrong with it leh? Although I dun spend 30mins in the bathroom for my hair la.

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