Saturday, July 2, 2011

Singapore's Absolute Sauna - Nothing Foam Party!

Singapore's premier gay sauna, "Absolute" is having their crazy Summer Theme Nights for the month of July.! ...And one of them will be held on July 3rd, this Sunday...aptly titled, "Nothing Foam Party" ....Mark your calendar and be prepare to get naked with gorgeous Singaporean Guys on the rooftop, overlooking the city skies and blinded by the moonlight reflections from the shiny arses and chests of nude gay men!

32A Pagoda Street
Singapore 059191Tel: 6423 1632(Located at where 'Niche' formerly is, entry by the ground floor to 2nd level)Absolute is conveniently nestled within Singapore's Chinatown district, with Chinatown MRT Station directly at our doorstep (Exit A).

Date: 3rd July 2011
Time: 7pm onwards
Rate: S$26 per entry
Dress Code: Nothing

Now...I really missed my experiences at Absolute Sauna way back in November 2010. So many fit, hunky Singaporean Guys...Me & The Horny BF were happily sucking and pleasuring a cute, fit 18 years old Singaporean twink in the wet sauna...Before his cock was taken over by a middle age Chinese man where he was sucked till he came all over the man's face...while me  & the Horny BF can only feel his nipples instead. Hahaha....

And also I missed Sexy Singaporean with swimmer tanlines! There was one Slim, Fit, Tanned Singaporean Guy with skimpy tanline...Each time he enters the Dark Room, all the guys quickly rushed over trying to put their cocks into his sexy arse, including me!!! -- I kept brushing him but yet, he doesn't even look at me at all!!!! Hahahahaha -- The reason?! --- Because he's an uncle predator!!! ( No offence ya! ) ...I can tell you...He only goes after middle age guys, about 35-45 years old range and lured them into the private rooms! Seriously!!!! That night alone, we saw him lured at least 4 middle age guys to his room ady!!! --- Wow! I really admire his arse, especially the way he can withstand at least 4 penetration sessions in one night!!! 

So, be sure to visit Absolute Sauna and be prepare to meet  Sexy Singaporean guys like the ones below:

Yes..These are the kind of crowd you'll get at Absolute Sauna! No disappointments!


tuls said...

i'll be there by then, as in singapore.. but i wont be going absolutely naked to the sauna and waste 26dollars.. thats too much for me jor.. hahahha... you going mou simon?

Just B3cks said...

Hmm.. :(

TeRenCe said...

posted in tt1069 by simonlover? LOL

Anonymous said...

I love the guy in the red trunks!

Deicidal said...

I melt at the smile of the last boi...

SZ said...

november 2010????old habit DIE HARD