Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mr.Manhunt Singapore 2011 - #13 Tan Jia Jun

Contestant #13: Tan Jia Jun 
Born: 1993
( Another Malaysian-born Singaporean...Born in Johor but furthered his studies in Singapore ...Sigh )
( Same situation with Singapore's all-time favourite Mr.Manhunt, Jake Ng Ming Han..Who happens to be a pure Ipoh boy, Malaysia... before being converted into Singaporean when he furthered his studies there! )

Age: 18 years old
Height: 172 cm
Weight: 62 kg
Hobbies/ Interests: Rock climbing; gymming; swimming

Our youngest contestant this year, Jia Jun was encouraged by his friends to join Manhunt because they say he has a nice body. We agree.

From some of the enthusiastic comments on Facebook, we can see that his friends remain committed in their support.

"Beh- tahan" their swim trunks...Where is TERON swimwears when we need them? 

Cute 18-year old "twunk"?!

It seems that JiaJun has a knack for camwhoring!!!!

A very well-built body for an 18-year old!!!

Looking so cute as a 17-year old! 

Even cuter when he was 15 years old!!


Anonymous said...

so ugly

Anonymous said...

Wow, If I could only blowjob him....hmmmmmm

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