Friday, July 15, 2011

Freaking Shit - Pubic Wax!

Yesterday I did something which is totally out-of-my-mind ---- I bought a self-Mini-Wax-Strips!!! Initially, it was intended to be used for my facial hairs ( moustache & beard! -- Seriously, SL is so smooth throughout his body except for the moustache! Kheksei! ) --- However, my kinky mind managed to overpower my conscience and I did, something where many men wouldn't do --- Waxing my pubic hair!!!

The so-called "Mini Wax Strips" for Face, Bikini, Sensitive areas!

The strips of waxes, ready to get into action!

The complete set -- It comes with an aftercare wipes to clean the wax away as well as moisturizes the waxed area!

So, there I was....Thinking and contemplating whether I should go commando all the way [ Cantonese : "Pak Cham Kai" aka Pouched Chicken, where the skin looks like the featherless chicken skin ready to be cook! ] 

Since I've already trimmed my pubic a few weeks back and the hair have started to re-grow.....Should I take a step further and go clean like these guys below? ....

I know the look enhances your length of your penis....But then again....The Horny BF had commented that he feels like he's fucking a 14-year-old kid! Hahahaha....You guys do remember how you look like back in those hairless days, right?!

Or, Shall I maintain the current trimmed pubic look?!

Well...After much hesitation and no looking back with regrets....SL decided to wax his...erm.......Pubic Hairs away....!

and, boy....The experience was "OH MY GOD!!! YOU SON OF A B&^%! IT WAS FREAKING, FUCKING %^$%#@$%^ PAINFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Why would any sane guy or girl wants to undergo bikini waxing?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I didn't expect it to be so damn painful when I pulled the wax strips away in one go!!! --- Slowly, tiny blood stains were coming out from my skin as well...Ouch...! Ouch..Ouch!....

Look at the Hairs?!!!!!!!!!! - Shit man!

The whole process took about an hour because, well....Those wax strips are plaster-size, what do you expect?! I need to repeat so many times and used up 16 strips out of the 20 strips in the box!

And the result?..............Well, let's just say I look, about 98% like the guy above!!! -- Hahaha...Well, if I use the wax which is poured directly onto my skin and spread all over before pulling off...The results would have been 100% -  LOR!

And so, I sms-ed, my good friend aka SwimBoi...."Why the hell he likes waxing anyway?!!!" 
( Oops!! I think my Horny BF will be angry of me when he reads this, because he hates to be the last one to know!!!! --- Well, at least he will have the honour to be the first person to see "IT": -- or rather the second person? Because tomorrow I'll be going to Senjakala Spa for my cheap massage+scrub Groupon deal!!! Yikes! -- I wonder who's the lucky masseur tomorrow?!!! Slut - betul! )

Anyway...Since da Horny Swimboi is going for his 3-monthly Boyzillian Waxing next week, he wants me to post some of his pretty pictures of him in my blog! 

There, without further ado, he's also the Hunky Guy that made Red Vince ejaculate each time when Red Vince sees him!!! -- Enjoy...Muack from Simon!

Muacks from Simon Lover! -- Now, where do you want "it" to land - leh?!


gray-dots said...

I'm not a hunk yet. Haha

Rain said...

how was it?

Anonymous said...

Come on, please post a photo to show the result of YOUR waxing. We want to see this!

Scharsz said...

ha... but i think I prefer my man to be hairy but the tidy one.. Not the smooth hairless chicken like :P

Anonymous said...

I'm all for waxing. Bring it on!

Malaysian Head said...

98%? include or not including the curve, length and girth?

PS: maybe one of the faceless nudes is SL's? Hmmm anyone knows? :-p

Al Moxtar said...

Oh man you're nuts! Tried it one when I was a teen and never ever did again..

Speaking of nuts, did you...? Argh, can't even think of it...

Horny BF said...

And no, I did not enjoy that.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

wah! who is the guy in the first 2 pictures? He's HOT! any more of him? =P

REMEMBER said...

it made me laugh.. and lee min ho pic attached.. lol

still single said...

I prefer with pubic hair as I find it kinda sexy. I trim my pubic hair so that it won't over-grown and look tidy.