Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mr.Manhunt Singapore 2011 - #2 Charles Chao

Due to time constraint ( since the Finals will be held on this Thursday! ) , I shall only feature some of the contestants of Mr.Manhunt Singapore 2011 
[ Though I do agree with some of you guys, that nearly half of this year's contestants are ...erm....well....at least they have a better body sculpture that mine! Hahahah ]  

Contestant No.2 : Charles Chao Hao Phua
Born: 16 October 1990

Age: 21 years old
Height: 186 cm
Weight: 81 kg
Hobbies/ Interests: Reading; finding out about himself and the world.

Charles never thought of joining Manhunt. Why? Because for many years in his life, he was overweight and looked awkward.

He took up drama in Junior College in an effort to learn to speak better. As fate would have it, Drama caused him to lose weight too, because, according to him, the female lead was so hot, he just had to!

The Swimwear Competition pictures

I like this picture the most...

The Swimwear Competition at Tanjung Beach Club, Sentosa Island! 

With a super "fan" of his!...

Fellow contestants, Treviz, Shane and Yip! 

Where is Sportsmenasia when we need them?!!!! -- Don;t you guys agree that this year's swimtrunks are SO DOWDY!!! Urghhhh...! 
-- Where are the low-waist Japanese-style swim trunks?!!! --

The guys look hotter on shorts instead!!! 

A Slutty Bitch...Who says girls cannot be horny?!!!

And Charles,  in his wild and younger days as well!

Charles...Way back in 2007 when he was just a cute 17-years old, haven't undergo National Service yet....

Sometimes I think, being chubby or slightly plump back in your teen years works in your advantage especially when it comes to buffing up your body!!!

Look at Vanness Wu and Eddie Peng, the two Taiwanese superstars..They were slightly obese during their teenage years and what a hunk., they have become now?!!!! Maybe because they have the extra fats for them to shape and burn....Just like Charles Chao over here...

And please, to those Horny Tops who thought that Charles is one horny, cute, feminish bottom Diva....Forget it....He's a well hung, hunky Top who has pleasured many females before even thinking of letting you inside him - tim!!!! 


Ming said...

where is the sexy low waist swimtrunk> <

No Trunks said...

dowdy swim trunks? well maybe organisers trying hard to steer it away from being a gay pageant and also less pornographic perhaps, and then instead to urge focus on other attributes than just bulges down there, or lack thereof, but elsewhere too. :-)

Anonymous said...

he cut double eyelids! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Mr "No Trunks", the problem is they are still showing bulge and skin (not as if they are wearing boardshorts) but it's just that the trunks this year is ill-fitting and really ugly, have u seen the speedos worn in real swimming competitions, they are low rise, snug and darn sexy - nothing like the disaster worn by this year's Manhunt contestants.

Ten Chunk said...

I support this guy, cute, sweet and hot, :D

Anonymous said...

Dowdy is right - these are right out of the 50s. - Ian

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