Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pretty wo[MAN] - Hong Kong/Macau Style...! ( Updated )

One of the longest-running gay blog in Malaysia, is having a GABLO { Gay Blog } Awards nomination thingy going on and I'm deeply honoured for being nominated in one of the category, which is "The Best Travel-Photo Post Of The Year"

Though, it was this post that got nominated: Middle Bay, Gay Beach 中灣泳灘 - Hong Kong! , I actually liked THIS travel post instead .... Hahahaha .... Well, I know it's pure nonsense to the max, but then again, I'm sure most of you like the tongue-in-cheek storylines anyway....

Anyway, please visit and vote your favourites by leaving a comment in his blog:
a) GABLO Awards - Part 1: Best New Blog
b) GABLO Awards - Part 2: Best Erotic Photo Post Of The Year
c) GABLO Awards - Part 3: Best Travel Photo Post Of The Year 

And since I cannot vote for myself, I shall go for:
c) Runaway Boy:

This post was posted up way back on 6/8/2011

Hahahaha..I know it's like, 2 months since I came back from HONG KONG!...Well, it's better late than never, right? ...Here are some candid shots of Hong Kong / Macau Guys on the street! -- I know there are a lot of good-looking guys -- in fact, there were TOO MANY till  I feel like my eyes were being raped every minute of the day!!! -- However, due to my "SHYNESS", I didn't dare to snap much especially publicly,  "FRONT" pictures of each lengchais that I encounter.....

This video sums it up.... I hope you guys do remember the infamous scene of Julia Roberts, transforming herself from a cheap hooker into an elegant, stylish lady....Shopping & strutting down the street with Roy Orbison's "Pretty Woman" playing in the background...

C'mon guys!!! Sing with me! 

Pretty woman, walking down the street
Pretty woman, the kind I like to meet

Pretty womanI don't believe you, you're not the truth

No one could look as good as you, Mercy!

Pretty woman, won't you pardon me
Pretty woman, I couldn't help see

Pretty woman
That you look lovely as can be

Are you lonely just like me,

Pretty woman, stop a while
Pretty woman, talk a while

Pretty woman, gave your smile to me

Pretty woman, yeah yeah yeah
Pretty woman, look my way

Pretty woman, say you'll stay with me

'Cause I need you, I'll treat you right
Come with me baby, be mine tonight....

Pretty woman, don't walk on by

Pretty woman, make me cry

Pretty woman, don't walk away, hey...okay

If that's the way it must be, okay

I guess I'll go on home, it's late

There'll be tomorrow night, but wait

What do I see

Is she walking back to me

Yeah, she's walking back to me
Oh, oh, Pretty woman


Rob H said...

I love this post Simon, I thought it was hilarious! So cheeky you snapping these pics. You didn't say you went to HK Disneyland. It is small but good fun :-)

Now when are we gonna hear the full story of your HK sauna adventures?

Le Chatelier said...

If u did that whole caption thing yrself! Damned I like it! It's really cool! Like the comic style

Deicidal said...

Hahahahhah, funny captions :D

William said...

I like this new format. :)

Jaded Jeremy said...

Please unbuckle your belth, sir lol!

Savoir said...

gotta luv those caps!

simonlover said...

@Rob: Thanks! My apology for not coming up with these kinda cheeky posts of late! Ever since I came back to my Big City ( It's like moving from Tasmania to Sydney! ), I kinda lose my passion in writing anymore. It's sad isn't it? =(

@Le Chatelier: Haha! You think which stupid fella who's so free to do this kinda captions - leh?! Thanks!

@Deicidal, Savoir: Muacks to you!

@William: Haha..Not as candid and close up as your LRT celebrities! Hehe

@Jaded Jeremy: I think you'll go up to the steward and say "Turn Your Back Around!" Hamsap!


ooi2009 said...

so sissy la

Meve Horron said...

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Junna Hara !

Nami Oumi !

Tomoe Hinatsu !

Maki Amemiya !

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