Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Malaysia's Prettiest Boy - J.L !

I know some of you guys are into pretty boys, while some are not.... But this cutie is TOO PRETTY for me to not feature him in my blog!

He has appeared in many of Malaysia's gay forums before, with one blogger dedicating a post to him [ ], I think it's about time for Simon Lover to follow the trend, instead of setting it!

This boy is arguably, the PRETTIEST BOY in MALAYSIA at the moment, and it's a great honour for us to introduce him, Jason Liew, aka J.L. 

[ Hahaha ... I'll start work tomorrow. So, there'll be less pictorials from me - d. Enjoy, ya! ]

We always say the boys in other countries are so cute, and yet, we fail to realize that Malaysia also produces some of the finest male specimens on earth....

Which Hairstyle do you guys like the most? 

It's not that Malaysian Girls ain't pretty, .... It's just that, guys nowadays are getting prettier & prettier ...  What say you?

with Malaysian Idol winner, Daniel Lee ...Daniel is not one of us, he has girlfriends back in my university days....

With Malaysian Model, Wilson Tan, one of the hottest male model in Malaysia who happens to be one of us, as well as one of the biggest jerk in the world...Why, oh, why - eh? 

With fellow PR Consultant, Xavier Mah, and up & coming Malaysian Actor/Model - Lawrence Wong, who is also one of us....

with Malaysian Actor, Melvin Sia, who claims that he has a girlfriend ....Which, everyone in our circle knows that it's not true......

And of course, how can I call myself Simon Lover without posting the compulsory Shirtless Pictures of guys featured in my blog? 

Here are the pictures of J.L, participating in Mr. & Ms. Malaysia Campus 2011 pageant! 

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Natehill High said...,

Thanks for the recognition, but on his behalf, we plead you to remove this post immediately. Much appreciated. Thank you.

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