Saturday, January 7, 2012

Malaysian Male Model - Ukay Cher

Malaysian Model:
Ukay Cher
DOB: 22 Oct 1990 ( 21 years old )

Let's look at Ukay Cher's transformation throughout the years....

2006 ( As a sweet 16 year old boy )

2008 ( Becoming more daring at the age of 18! )

2010 ( A grown up 20 year old dude! )

Finally, Ukay Cher, 2011! 
So, are you guys, a Twink Fan or a Hunk Fan?! It's a tough one, isn't it?!

Ukay Cher, modelling for Malaysia's latest homegrown Underwear Brand, "QuarterHomme"!

Ukay is also a good friend to Vick Teo.
If you guys can remember Vick, he was the 2nd Runner Up winner, in the 1st Edition of Malaysian Idol Competition, way, way, way back in 2004 ( which was won by Jaclyn Victor )! Hahaha -- Old "memang" old already .... Back then, Malaysian Idol was kinda huge!!! --- A lot of people followed the competition on 8TV!  --- Ahhh.....Don't you guys miss those days when you're glued to the TV, watching your favourite TV show? 

Anyway, here is Vick's version of Lady Gaga's "The Edge Of Glory" 
... Please Enjoy it.... Muacks from Simon Lover

p/s: ....  I just like to clarify certain sentences on my previous post where after reading through again on what I wrote, I can understand why it sounded offensive to some people. If anyone of you have gone through my blog for the past few years, you should know that I rarely do gay-bashing on people whom I know directly because I respect them. Besides, most of my words are always nonsensical and in "38" kinda sentences, ya'know? The problem started with the way I linked the sentences. Probably I need to brush up my conjuction grammars and learn when to use the appropriate full-stops / commas too! ....Furthermore, I also like to do direct English translation from whatever Cantonese slangs that came up in my mind, on-the-spot! Hence, suddenly, all the Horny BF's "kai-sai-lou(s)" [ God-Bottom-Brothers ] which I were referring to, became the victims in this unfortunate brou-ha-ha -- Remember, I'm a "Himbo", not a "Diva" ... I don't make things complicated.....Thanks.

Anyway....New Year, New Resolutions ..
#2) To keep my blog out of controversies .... You think I can do it? =P
[ If I stay out of the limelight, there will be no more lengchais for you all to see - wor? ...Tsk,tsk,tsk ]


William said...

Nama dia Ukay Cher?! LOL.
Ah yes, the BFF was discussing about that paragraph in your post yesterday. XD

simonlover said...

Hahaha ... It's my fault also - lar. Who call me didn't write properly. I shud space out the sentences. Imagine how blur I am when I kena tegur.... =(

Anonymous said...

i.m not a fan.. my goodness...spell P.L.A.I.N.
nothing special with his

Jason said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jason said...

Lol, dont worry about the last-paragraph-related post. The Horny BF tegur u ah?

Anonymous said...

Hardly cute...sorry.

Anonymous said...

some of you need glasses i thinkhes very cute

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