Monday, January 2, 2012

Welcome To The Year Of 2012!


Looking forward for a wonderful year of Dragon and let bygones, be bygones & there's no turning "BACK" once you have decided to move on! 
Wishing everyone all the best, have more sex, prosperity & live a healthier & happier 2012! 
 Resolution Number 1: To have a sexier BACK for 2012!!!!
Tsk, tsk, tsk ...Why? 
Duh....Imagine the pleasure that you'll give to your love one, when he's pounding you doggie-style?!!!
A SEXY-BACK definitely adds an extra orgasmic experience - lor!

Enjoy the video below
I remember that this is one of the earliest videos I've ever download on internet..Way, way, way back in 2000.... Back then, I'm using internet dial-up and my desktop's memory was 4GB - nia!!!! I have to use the "Get Right" programme to resume download each time I log on the internet..Dunno took how many days & hours just to download this 54MB file .... Unlike nowadays, where we can do it in less than one hour!


jem said...

54mb probably will take less than 5 mins, haha

Anonymous said...

Simon, is one of the sexy backs yours? Hot! (Wil)

William said...

GetRight! I also used Download Accelerator. :P

Anonymous said...

The video gt part 2?

link within

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