Thursday, January 5, 2012

Cute Chinese Twunk!

What a good way to end my 2011, as well as opening my 2012!  Never in my life have I shake hands with so many gay lou(s)! --- Hahahaha --- Imagine Simon Lover in his most gayish attire ever, slim fit Topman Tee with a big Madonna picture ala "True Blue" and a hot pants that will make Paul J to shame -- strutting around PJ Old Town from one end to another, just to buy a pack of ice for the "Auld Lang Syne" party?!!! -- Though how I wish it was the Pavilion / Bkt Bintang walkway instead, where I doubt the old men / foreign workers of PJ Old Town Big Wet Market will appreciate this gay boy walking down the street ...... And it was on a Saturday, "No Plastic Day" somemore!!!! -- Imagine my balls shrinking to the max, carrying the pack of ice?!!! Hmmmm ------ And those foreign "Shah Rukh Khans" didn't even offer to help this suspected gay China-Boy somemore --- Scare I charge them - meh?!

After that, it was meet-ups & meet-ups & further meet-ups with all da Horny BF's plu friends & god-brothers ....! Hahaha -- Wasted they are god-bottom-brothers! If they are God-Top-Fathers instead, definitely I'll be in my element of flirtiness, to the max! -- Cuz I'm not used to flirt with Bottoms ma -- Maklum-lar ( aka As You All Know-lar ), Simon Lover is very hiao-one! Hmmmm ---- And luckily, I got a new haircut before that, cuz I don't always look my best, most of the time, ya'know! You think I'm so free to apply make-up all the time - gah?!!

Currently, ushering into the new year...Horny BF & I are busy with our daily work ... With da Horny BF still adjusting with his new job, and me trying to clear the backlogs before shifting to a new job, in a new place where I still haven't found a place to rent yet....and in one month's time as well, we'll be goin' for a short trip to Bangkok too! -- Aiyo -- Need to plan hotel, food, places of interests somemore -- !!

Anyway, enough of my craps....Here is a cute Chinese Twunk, whom my fellow "ex-colleague-who-reads-my-blog-anonymously", fancy very much! Enjoy ya! Muacks to Yang Yang!

Now, this is what I call a "hot pants"!


Chris said...

Pretty sure this hottie is from Shanghai and three or four years ago his face was pasted all over the metro system in Shanghai as he was the featured model in a KFC ad campaign

jem said...

quite my type :)

Alex said...

Muacks my dear ex-colleague. I'm having orgasm by just looking at him. By the way, when shall we meet up for a drink? We've been colleagues and now 'ex-colleague' for years and I'd really love to meet up to 3838. haha

Ur beloved 'ex-colleague'

Anonymous said...

Thought you'd like this blog. Two openly gay US military men

Anonymous said...

Very hot! Sexy!

Anonymous said...

Lol. Chinese always have a very out of the place english name.

I almost think it was Ukay Perdana. Opss. My bad. :P

Anonymous said...

may i know his name ?