Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Your Fingers Tell All About Your Penis Size!

Today I read on the Star Newspaper, about the latest research findings regarding our penis lengths...Read more below:

( excerpts taken from http://www.globalpost.com/dispatches/globalpost-blogs/weird-wide-web/mens-finger-length-indicator-penis-size-south-korea-study )

All those jokes about the size of men's feet... or hands...
Well, new research demonstrates that there might actually be something to the idea that there is a correlation between length... and length.
A team of South Korean researchers studied 144 men, and came up with what may be a reliable guide: the ratio of the length of a man's index finger to that of his ring finger. The lower that ratio, the longer the penis may be, the researchers wrote Monday in the Asian Journal of Andrology, according to the Los Angeles Times.
The team, led by Tae Beom Kim of Gachon University in Incheon, said it investigated this apparent correlation because it believed there was a lack of research on the male appendage, according to the Sydney Morning Herald. ''To date, there have been few studies that reveal why men who undergo normal puberty have different penile lengths,'' it said.
The researchers studied the men's right hands. Digit ratio, or the length of the second, index finger relative to the fourth, ring finger, was calculated. In most women, those two fingers are about the same length, but men's index fingers tend to be shorter than their ring fingers, giving a lower digit ratio.
The length of the penis was measured both when it was flaccid and when it had been stretched to its full length, according to the Los Angeles Times. Stretched length is thought to correlate to erect length, the researchers said. They found that, in general, the lower the ratio of the lengths of the two fingers, the longer the penis was in its stretched state.
Other recent findings have suggested that men with a lower ratio have a more symmetrical face and are more attractive to women, a phenomenon that has been referred to as the "sexy ratio," according to the Los Angeles Times. And last year, researchers at Warwick University and the Institute of Cancer Research in Britain reported that a man's risk of developing prostate cancer is also related to the ratio of the two fingers. Men whose index fingers were longer than their ring fingers were found to be one-third less likely to develop prostate cancer.
So, is it true that the lower the ratio between your Index Finger and Ring Finger, the longer your penis will be stretched in its' erect state?

Here are some penis pictures to help you guys to prepare into your erect state while measuring your before-and-after Penis Length! 

Do leave comments of your own findings ya!
 Warning. The following pictures contain sexually explicit images that might not be suitable for those aged 18 years old and below. Please do not enter if you do not meet the requirements or feel uncomfortable with it. 

Before pulling back his foreskin.... ( Sgboy )

After pulling back his foreskin! ( Sgboy! )

A rare picture of our favourite gay icon, Jake Ng! ( Malaysian-Cum-Singaporean! )
A Hongkie Stud!

A well-cut Malay Stud!

A curved Singaporean Penis!

A well-trimmed Singaporean jewels!

Showing how resilient & far, can Singaporean go when it comes to being challenged!
Singaporean Daddy!

A proud Taiwanese Hunk!

Naruwan Taiwan?!!! Yeah, Baby!

Filipino-cum-American Beauty..The ever popular blogowner of Tiggah's blog!
You prefer his cock with bushes?! or...

A smooth Singaporean Head! 
( I wonder why it's so difficult to find Malaysian Head pictures - leh?! )

My favourite Pornstar - Brent Corrigan! 

 Back in his cute, late teens....!

And now, aged 23 years old..he's grown into a well built hung indeed! However, I still prefer him back when he's a super bottom compared to his new "Top" role of late...His face doesn't suits him as Top, right?! 

Watch Brent Corrigan teaching you guys how to wear a condom correctly!

Sourced from: http://dcfukit.org

An authentic, large, Chinese dick with his foreskin, pulled down....His website used to have a lot of pictures of him and his humongous dick! But the last time I visit his website, he has turned it into a lifestyle blog - d! No more pictures of his cocks! Sigh...Should have saved his pictures back then!

A, slim, straight, long Chinese Cock! Now, I wonder whether he's cut or uncut?!!! A very tough call, right?!

So, Guys! After seeing the pictures and videos....Have you measure your fingers and penis length?!

I shall tell you my findings, 
the ratio between my index finger and ring finger is about 0.94 and the percentage of the increase in length size from flaccid to erect state is 87.5% !!!!!!! 

Yikes! Does this mean I have a small, flaccid cock?!!! Hahahaha...Well..At least I did not mention any numbers in "cm" or "inches"...Nyek, Nyek, Nyek...I shall leave it to your imaginations ya! Muacks!

So, how about your findings?! Please leave your comments and participate on the POLL located on the left side of my blog ya! Please don't be shy, my dears!!! 



fable said...

call me a bimbo but i don't understand at all~ LOL show your figures and the calculation lah as example~ :P

Ant said...

Fable is horny liao! wakakakaka

allan said...

by simple calculations, yr flaccid cock should measure a little more than 3.5 inches only, with yr erect dick measuring 6.5inches!

Just B3cks said...

Eyes drilling @@ I go n fcuk sm1 now..

Deicidal said...

I refuse to believe it is so!! No correlation between both lengths!!

Skyhawk said...

This blog make me horny...sigh!

William said...

144 respondents is too small a sample lo. You're trying to augment it to 500 by enlisting all your readers is it?

simonlover said...

@Fable: No, you must always rmbr, you're not a bimbo...You're a CUTE HIMBO!

@Allan: Wow! You're good in mathematics! Ish!

@Just Becks: You already fucked so many people and u want more?!!! Greedy boy!

@Deicidal:Haha..If see another research, nearly 75% of men in the world has index finger shorter than ring finger. 90% of Ladies' fingers are of the same length. Maybe it's time for us to notice our fellow male frens?!

@William: I would prefer to enlist the guys and personally do the "observations" and "measurements" by myself?! Tsk, tsk, tsk!

Tom said...

I think it's somewhat true. I have a ratio of 1.067, which is not the typical number for men. And let's just say the little brother down there is a little brother.

Tempus said...

both fingers are almost the same, like really almost the same. how the heck am I supposed to calculate this sheet?!!!

3quarks said...

my fingers ratio is 0.875, does that mean i'd more likely to develop prostate cancer? yikes

Hardheaded said...

why hard to find pictures of Malaysian heads?

I suppose it is only as hard as for Simonlover to post a picture of his head.

No wonder so hard.

Anonymous said...

the singaporean daddy photo is so hot

Anonymous said...

Jake Ng pics r sure rare!!!haha xD
whr did u get it?

Tony said...

simon's one shud be 11.924cm during erection after my calculation. Hehe. I am so sorry to tell

birdlim said...

very interesting topic

presa1200 said...

statistic says the average penis among Asians are about the same but why i usually see filipino or malay cocks are bigger?

simonlover said...

Haha...When we categorized it further based on ethnicities, of cuz Filipinos & Malays have bigger dicks! and don't even talk about the huge Indian cocks, okay?! =)

Anonymous said...

Hello SimonLover!

I visit your blog occasionally, and am really delighted at your posts.

But I would like to point out that in general, South Americans are those who have the longest cocks...

It may surprise you but Indians' average cock length is -slightly- shorter than Chinese.

Of course, 'Indians' and 'Chinese' here refer to the countries' citzens. Malaysians are LONGER than them in general!

But hey... My index fingers are either of the same length as my ring finger or longer than them -.-

My cock is 6 inches long. How would you regard it?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...




chinese here. :) enjoy

MrStrange said...

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