Friday, April 15, 2011

Sexy Hong Kong Guy Next Door - Cyrus Li! Part 1

Here's a very pretty guy next door from Hong Kong that goes by the name of Cyrus Li! -- I'm sure some of you have seen him before and I think it's high time for me to feature some of his wonderful pictures over here as well!

These photos are taken by famed Hong Kong photographer, Frankie To. You can check more of his work over here Here's a snippet of what Frankie mentioned about Cyrus Li:
Hi Friends,

This month is a very productive month for me. Apart from Gavin, I took pictures for 2 of my very good friends, Cyrus and Eric Zou.

Cyrus is a very cute and hot boy with a pretty face and very defined body. We have been talking for very long time to take some good pictures for him. Finally, we did the shooting last week.


I like this picture the most! Hehehe -- 
The Epitome of Hong Kong Male Beauty?
I wonder whether this are the guys that I'm expecting to my upcoming Hong Kong trip next month?!!! Yikes! 
For more higher resolution of his pictures, please visit Frankie To's website instead!


William said...

Not quite my kind of cute. But nice lean body.

Skyhawk said...

My type my type...edible.

simonlover said...

@William: Haha. Thn can u please tell what type of guys u like - jek?!!

@Skyhawk: Which part is edible?!! Tsk, tsk!

SZ said...

omgoddddddddddd it's himmmmmmm *swoon* <3

Bravebear said...

OMG... I heart his external shell so much. That cute smile. And those ears...

Anonymous said...

put la some brown guys also , always one color only

wayne said...

simonlover!!! did you blog about teaching ppl how to blow job b4?

Happy Sweet Asian said...

I LOVE the last pic, so sexy adorable and yummy :D

Thanks Simonlover