Monday, April 18, 2011

If Just We Have This In Malaysia......!

Hahaha..If just we have this kinda hair salons in Malaysia! I'm sure it will be a hit indeed!

Maybe we should ask our renowned HairStylists Michael Poh & Dickson Yew to start the "ball" running?!! Hehe

Just another additional video of an Ad which I find it very cute! =)

And another one last one!!!
Play Safe My Dears!


tuls said...

you finally took off your cbox! hahaha... its full of MariaSexy and this that! hahaha.. i love Cyrus Li!!

simonlover said...

The Cbox was meant to be an avenue between me & my readers to update each other on latest happenings. Manatau kena spammed teruk! -- U can help me find more of cyrus li pics - geh!

Anonymous said...


link within

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