Thursday, April 14, 2011

Speedo Boys!

Today is a very tiring day for me indeed. Woke up earlier than usual to attend a training session over at Wangsa Maju. Imagine getting caught in KL's notorious morning jams?!! Yikes! -- First time to Wangsa Maju area. If I'm not mistaken, Wangsa Maju/Setapak areas are also notorious for providing lotsa handsome gay Chinese Boys especially due to the nearby UTAR. Is it true?! Maybe I should consider re-locating myself there - eh? Tsk, Tsk, Tsk.

After the training has ended, I thought I can have an "intimate" and flirty tete-a-tete" session with a guy colleague, who is my senior and 2 years older than me, and happens to be gay as well! He used to have a crush on me 4 years ago but I guess those feelings have kinda fade away as days go by....Mana tau, out of nowhere, our other Malay lady colleague saw us and joined our session pulak at Big Apple. Kheksei....So, guess the fantasized mouth-2-mouth doughnut feeding moments was squashed indefinitely!

After that, I rushed back to Kelana Jaya Swimming Pool, thinking of surprising da Horny BF, who was having a wonderful time at KJ Pool at that time, with my Red Ultra Slim Bods....Mana tau when I reached there, da Horny One had just finished his shower. But then again, I managed to coax him to let "swim" a few rounds first [ or rather, "wash" my eyes? ] ......The crowd were actually kinda disappointing. Haha..Gone are the days where there were lots of hunky, swimmer bods or even good looking gay guys swimming at KJ....Guess all these guys have moved on and shifted to various modern gym centers that are cropping up in every nook of the town, for a better "sex-citing" moments!

The shower room wasn't cruisy at all. The open shower rows were filled with perverted gay lou(s), forcing me & da Horny BF to defer the idea of showering naked in the open. There's one regular middle age guy who always frequents KJ and the shower room. Imagine my surprise when I saw him driving a cool, sleek Mercedes Benz, outside the parking lot! And instantly, my flirtiness behaviour was put at the maximum level! -- I told da Horny BF, "Wah, a very potential sugar daddy!!! - This guy has stalked me before in da showers!---We should offer ourselves to be his sugar boiboi(s) - eh?!" --- Unfortunately, I was scolded for suggesting such a lame idea. Hahahaha ---- But, I'm sure YOU GUYS HAVE THIS KINDA THOUGHT BEFORE right? ---- Kekekeke

Anyway, last but not least...Here are some Speedo Guys for you to savour.Back in the early 2000's,I owned a complete set of Japanese Guys in Skimpy, Colorful Speedos!!! There were more than 100 pictures of them, all downloaded from a website called SpeedoBoys or AsianSwimmerGuys, something like that!!! I used to store it in my Floppy Disc back then before my desktop went kabush!! --- And the new laptop doesn't have any floopy disc reader! Now, the website is not functioning anymore and the collections of real-life Japanese Guys snapped at various swimming competitions are lost forever!!!!!! LOST FOREVER!!!!!!! --- So, I just need a favour from all my gay readers who is old enough to have collected some of these pictures way back in the early 2000s...If you guys have more it, can you please email it to me? Thanks! I really appreciate all the effort ya! MuACKS!

The LOST Japanese Boys in skimpy, tiny, colorful swimming trunks, snapped at various swimming pools/competitions in Japan! circa 2000's

All that is left in my collection. Unless anyone of you still have a desktop which can read floppy disks, provided my floppy disks are still working lar! [ Hahaha---I highly doubt so since it's 10 years old already!! ]

And some random sexy guys in SPEEDOS

And sexy Malaysian Swimmers in action!!! Yummylicious!!

Caption this picture: Which two guys that manage to catch my attention?! Hehehe

I SO really like THAI BOYS!!!! Next time go Bangkok must visit their public swimming pool jor!

As well as volunteering myself during swimming competitions!!!! So lucky volunteers!!!


Anonymous said...

too bad. I'm not old enough to provide the source since on year 2000s i'm still toddler thus still very innocent and don't know how to surf net. In another word ain't that show you are very 'young' compare to me. How old are you actually? Don't get offense since i'm just kidding with you.

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos. Thank you!

Tempus said...

i know like 3 person in the 2nd last group picture XD haha the malaysian swimmers' team is quite small though

Anonymous said...

yeah, wangsa maju got hundreds of cute PLU from UTAR and TARC! and they're rather easy going and willing to be submissive...haha.

nicky05 said...

Yeah. Many. some even well built body. But too young for u lor.:P

ooi2009 said...

utar got shit la , ktar only better looks

William said...

Don't judge a book from its cover hor?

Ming said...

Hope u put more guys in speedos...they make me horny

simonlover said...

@Anonymous: I'm still young ler. Early 2000's I was still in my teens!

@Tempus: Are u a swimmer as well? =P

@Anonymous:Meaning there are alot of bottoms over there?!!!

@Nicky: But ngam u rite?!

@Ooi2009:Thn where would u recommend us to go to?!

@William:HAha. True!

@Ming:Unfortunately, hard to find real-life pictures leh! - Instead of photoshopped model pics!

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