Monday, April 18, 2011

Sexy Hong King Guy Next Door - Cyrus Li! Part 2

Today I accompanied da Horny BF to Fitness First and we did Body Pump together. Going to the gym on weekends is definitely a breathe of fresh air as there's no one to compete with you for the locker [ I had shared locker with da BF a few times before because all the lockers were full! Crazy indeed! ]; no one to push and shove during the packed-like-sardines class sessions;  and don't need to queue for your turn to use the equipments and weights as well!! -- compared to the weekdays' madness! -- [ Though, smaller crowd also translate into smaller possibilities of bumping into hunky studs in the locker, sauna as well as gym floor! ]

Hahaha..But then again, what's the point of doing a vigorous session but end up, eating 5 pieces of juicy, oily, tasty fried chicken wings at IKEA?!!! --- It's like, Efforts gone down the drain, right?!!! -- Nonetheless, I do need to pack some meat in my diet as well...Because, I'm already wearing size 28 jeans and ever since, I started gymming ( or rather, working in the private sector ) --- All my super-tight slacks and jeans are getting more loose than never before - liao! With da rate that I'm going, I might be on the verge of becoming a slim-fit, well-toned super-"lidi"-slut!!! -- Yikes! --- Though I can feel the tightness in my sleeves opening, but it still did not do any justice to my already-thin-wristline!!! --- Hahaha...Well, enough of the blame game, I guess I need to up my ante and just like the biceps theme song, I "Gotta Be Somebody" and start singing like Brian L. [ FF Instructor ] does!!!!!

Still, in anticipation of my upcoming Hong Kong trip in May...Here is the Part 2 of this cute, hunky Hong Kong Hunk that made our little cute didi, Ali, go Ga-Ga over him! Enjoy!

I think I'll put "Beach-Hunting" into my itinerary as well!! Any one of you can recommend which section to "cruise", oops!, or rather, swim and tan? Middle Bay, South Bay of Repulse Bay? Haha

The Horny BF has already gave me the ultimatum to make my Fitness First Passport Pass so that we can visit Hong Kong's Fitness First! Cuz we heard that the monthly membership fees of FF in HK is about HK$2000/month ( RM1000! ) and their facilities are way, way much better than us! They even have open air roof-top swimming pool for us to swim and tan! -- Unlike Empire's indoor swimming pool...--- Where the water is so DAMN COLD till my BALLS go in and hide further inside of my scrotum and the water that barely covers my navel, when I stand erectly! -- Kheksei!


shane said...

ali worrrrrrrr ~.~

both of u dont go gym hiao la..go until HK jz think of the gym pulak

nicky05 said...

pergi berapa hari di hongkong? hahaha.

Anonymous said...

middle bay of course

Anonymous said...

he looks like enchong dee from the philippines.