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Brushing Teeth Boys

Why Brushing Your Teeth is Important :

Oral Hygiene Habits That Will Drive A Gay Men Wild

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“What on earth is that smell?! Can you smell it?! It is loud, bold, and it makes the hairs stand up on the back of my neck!” Have you ever said this before? It’s no secret that hygiene for a man is a big deal. In fact, it could be argued that hygiene is an issue that will make or break a dating connection if not executed properly. Men are visual creatures and are therefore engaged or stimulated by what they see.

According to a study conducted by The International Journal of Impotence Research, “The human sexual response cycle, sexual desire, activities, satisfaction, and physical and mental responses in men and women are different. Men generally respond to visual sexual stimuli...” Therefore, in order to help you drive your current or potential mate wild, I have taken to social media and conducted research on my own. I asked a group of Same Gender Loving ( SGL) men, “What one thing can men fix in the hygiene department, that would attract you to them more?” One of them is :

Oral Care - Men desire for their potential mate to take care of their oral hygiene above all. Bad breath can be an immediate turn-off for men and could result in an immediate disconnect. No matter how attractive you may be, if your oral care is not up to par, you will lose out on the possibility making the best first impression.

Tip: During your daily teeth brushing process, include scraping your tongue with a spoon or tongue scraper. It helps kill bacteria and keeps that mouth fresh

Blowjobs Can Ruin Your Teeth? 

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We all know that too much teeth can ruin a blowjob, but can too many blowjobs ruin your teeth? I asked several dentists this question, and received nothing but confused smiles and STOP ALL emails in return. One dentist and friend named Mike mentioned that he always tells children to wait an hour before brushing after ingesting anything acidic, such as orange juice. The problem with that advice is that if you are a child giving blowjobs, I think you have bigger issues that tooth decay.

There are minerals in semen such as zinc and calcium that are proven to slow tooth decay, but do they occur in a large enough amount to make a difference? I don’t know. Scientifically speaking, that would also depend on the size of your guy’s load. Speaking as a guy, sometimes when I am hung over and dehydrated my load trickles like a faucet. If I am excited and nourished it shoots like a geyser. There are too many factors at play here. Where is Bill Nye when you need him?

The only piece of evidence I can offer is a social experiment between myself, and the Editor in Chief, Bryce Gruber. I am a gay guy who takes good care of his teeth, but gives blowjobs out like dollar bills  to homeless blind orphan aids babies in the subway. Bryce is a straight women who takes good care of her teeth, and only gives blowjobs if her husband does something extraordinary like curing cancer, or finally learning to speak English. I have several new cavities every time I visit the dentist, and she has never had one.

Much like unicorns, leprechauns, and Taylor Swift it all comes down to your own opinion, until Science takes its head out of its own ass and finally starts publishing journals on something we actually care about, like oral sex. Until then, do whatever the Hell you want in moderation. Just remember to brush your teeth after oral sex. You can hide bad teeth by adjusting your smile, but dick breath is a different story entirely

Reduce Risk of Transmission of Sexually Transmitted Diseases ( STDs ) 

Taken from : Australian Federation of AIDS Organization

HIV transmission can occur through oral sex between men. We know this through a number of documented cases. What we don’t know is the exact risk of HIV transmission through oral sex.

HIV transmission does not occur very often through oral sex: anal sex without condoms remains the highest risk sexual activity for transmitting HIV.

We also know from the case reports involving HIV transmission during oral sex that particular circumstances increase the risk of HIV transmission occurring.

We know:

  • HIV is transmitted through oral sex infrequently;
  • Transmission usually occurs from the insertive to the receptive partner; and
  • The risk of HIV transmission during oral sex increases if:
    • the insertive partner has a high viral load;
    • ejaculation into the mouth occurs;
    • the receptive partner’s mouth is breached in some way allowing HIV to enter.

Things that make it more likely that the mouth will be breached (or is already breached)

There are a number of factors which make it more likely that tears will occur in your mouth during oral sex or that tears already exist.

These are:

  • Oral lesions particularly STIs such as herpes/cold sores
  • Ulcers (which can be more common in people with HIV)
  • Brushing or flossing teeth within two hours of activities such as unprotected oral sex
  • Dental disease
  • Recent dental treatment
  • Gingivitis (inflamed or bleeding gums)
  • Certain prescribed and non-prescribed drugs which irritate oral tissues (e.g. amphetamines)
  • Allergies resulting in an inflamed mouth or tongue
  • Trauma
  • Recent oral piercings

Things you can do to make tears occurring in your mouth during oral sex less likely
  • Avoid oral sex if you've:
    • brushed your teeth within the last two hours
    • currently have any cuts or sores in the mouth
    • Gargle with salty water to see if any stings occur. If they do, it is likely you have cuts in the mouth
    • Have regular dental check-ups (and avoiding oral sex for a day after dental visits if necessary)
    • Have regular STI check-ups including the mouth

So, to brush or not to brush? 

Moral of the story : 

2 Hours before and after sex no later than 2 hours before : Do not  brush your teeth or even floss your teeth to prevent any abrasion or tear to your gums -- Hence, reducing the risk of STDs.

Before or after or immediately / sex - You can gargle or rinse your mouth with mouthwash / salt water as the better option instead of brushing your teeth.

The time asides from the 2 hours window of sexual activity --- You can brush and floss your teeth, clean your tongue as many times as you want to  maintain good oral hygiene so that you will not have bad breath for impending wild, passionate kisses and also to wash away the cum residues that you had drank earlier!!



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