Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Banana Gayllery Comic

The Banana Gayllery, is a collection of cheeky comics based on the happenings in the gay world. Brutally honest, point blank sarcasm but yet, sometimes it can be very touching and stories that reminded us what is the reality, the fantasy and the truth. 

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Well, 3P is very interesting, ya'know ....

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Nope,  I have not watch Power Bottoms yet ...

Unfortunately, something similar happened to my life recently too .. I shall miss my friend deeply and may he be happy, exploring all over the world in his afterlife.

LOL --- The beauty of Instagram!

Does size really matters? 

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Well, I'm not going to be discriminatory here ..... But then again ...Hmmmmmm ...LOL

Banana Gayllery's comics have always been similar to reality ....

Ermmmm .... This sounds so familiar in my Facebook versus Instagram posts .... LOL

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William said...

Very good observation of the gay elite on social media.