Tuesday, April 18, 2017

#GCIRCUIT #SONGKRAN #SK11 Party 2017 - Videos

So, Songkran 2017 has ended. 

The only time where you  will see the the whole flight might be filled with people like us or even the only time where you will keep on saying Hi to many of your friends who happen to go to the same destination with you! 

When you tell your parents, or even straight friends and family, that you are going to Thailand for Songkran or " 泼水节" --- They will not bat an eyelid because to them,  泼水节 or Songkran is a normal Thai festival that everyone enjoys going, from children to elderly! 

But when you tell your gay friends that you are going to Songkran, they will look at you cynically as it will be all about #gaysex #gayparty #gayfriends #stickyrice #potatoqueen #nakedambition #gaypoppers #gaydisco #gaygogodancers #gayboys #gayhunks #gayshopping #gaydrinking #gayshooting #gayhunting so on and so forth! 😅😅 

But nevertheless, Songkran is something that everyone should enjoy. Here are some videos from the recently concluded #sk11 party! Cheers

G-Circuit Pool Party at U-Sathorn Hotel, Bangkok

They even have #BearPool Party 

G-Circuit Party at Centara Grand and Bangkok Convention Center

and Foam Party at Babylon Sauna Bangkok

And I guess, this comic below best sums up the entire Songkran event! 


William said...

I clicked on the IG Centara Grand geotag and so many videos pooped up. Lol.

simonlover said...

@William : I wonder why the uploaded videos so poor quality!

link within

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