Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Boys With Bags - Part 1!

Well, I'm sure all of us own a bag / backpack / manbag -- to put our things inside be it for travelling / work / outings etc. Here are some wonderful bag designs shared to you by these wonderful guys ( Please note: Click on the picture if you guys want to know their profile names )

My favourite is definitely this Issey Miyake Bao Bao Hiker Backpack! 
It costs you about USD800-1400 depending on which design.

Trendy manbag from Taiwan

Ah...Who would've thought that a backpack to fit and carry your Flying Drone Camera can be so stylish and cool. Seen here is a DJI Phantom Drone backpack

These Anello backpacks from Japan are getting more and more popular among Malaysians now!

A backpack from Gucci

The popular Germany's luxury brand backpack, MCM

Hip and trendy backpack from Swedish brand : Fjällräven

Of course, a handsome guy with his stylish LV Bag!

A New York Yankees Backpack

A Louis Vitton Duffel Bag
Cute and trendy backpack for a cute boy

Cute bag for a cute twink

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William said...

I was expecting naked men with bags.

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