Sunday, February 9, 2014

Mr.Manhunt Singapore 2014 - The Auditions

The time is here again, for Mr.Manhunt Singapore 2014! -- A total of 48 Singaporean Studs auditioned for the competition before the organisers select the Top 15 Finalists.

Here are some of the auditionees which I find, worth looking at? =)


 Steve Ter
( Erm...My favourite? -- Haha... Biased me ... )

 Alfred Tan


 Clarence Lee

Daryl Ng

Edwin Tung 

 Eric Lo

Ethan Chai

 Goh Jun Kai

Jason Julius Lim

Jhomel Loh

 Joal Ong

Jun Rui

Kenneth Zhuo 

Kenny Ong

Khalis Fitri

 Louis Goh


 Nicholas Ngo

Nigel Woo

 Reeve Chua

 Rui Jie



( How can this fella comes into a competition without some self-promotion?!! -- Keeping his facebook private and not letting people know his name .. I wonder how he expect people to vote for him?!!! )

 Wesley Ee

Wilfred Lau

For more information of Manhunt Singapore 2014, please visit their facebook:


Anonymous said...

this year is the worst. None of them i will consider as hottie.

Tempus said...

Ditto. Steve's probably the best in the bunch LOL

Anonymous said...

None of them made all of us crave for more bananas :P

wilf said...

There is something wrong with the photos, maybe the photos were taken from a higher angle, all of their heads are not proportional to the bodies......look really weird.

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