Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Happy Horsey Chinese New Year 2014!

It is still not too late for me to wish everyone, Happy Chinese New Year to all my Chinese friends out there and Happy Holidays to the rest!

May the Year of Horse brings good luck, prosperity, good health and love to all of you!

 A cheeky CNY greeting, "Ma Nian "Fuck" Da Cai" -- in Mandarin!
Instead of The Year of Horse Brings Abundance of Wealth, It wishes everyone "The Year of Horse Brings Abundance of Fucking Sessions! =)
p/s: This cute CNY greeting was created by a cute Malaysian guy ...

Nowadays, it's very popular to wear Side Deep-V T-Shirt to show off the muscular arms and pointy nipples peeking out from the perky chest - kan?
Many of you owned a Shirt like that, yet?


Anonymous said...

love the red arena guy sitting by the pool! sexy!

i hv the similar swimming trunk but it looks small!

Da Closet Guy said...

Happy Chinese New Year!! Wishing you and your loved ones health & wealth!!

William said...

Red is always sexy

Anthony Byrne said...

I love guys in tiny panties