Monday, February 17, 2014

Men Blow Drying Their Balls In The Gym!

I went to the gym today and I saw something, which I'm sure, many of us have seen before ...Yeap:

"Men Blow Drying Their Body and Balls In The Gym"! 

The hair dryers shared with everyone are intended for drying the hair above your shoulders, not in other areas of the body. This is what we call, the unwritten rule of Gym Etiquette.

Many a time, we have seen guys using the hair dryer to blow dry their body, armpits, feet and listen to this, their balls and ass together -- where they will lift up their towels slightly, to let the air from the dryer blowing up!

I mean, it's okay to blow dry your hair and show off your sexy physique, but then again ... If everyone does that, imagine how many pubic hairs that might have fallen and stuck inside the hair dryer, over the years ??!!!!

Have you guys ever notice, there is also this group of guys -- Whom you have never seen them workout before at the gym areas --- But they come to the gym, just for the sauna and locker room -- Yeap, a group of middle age guys, with body sizes ranging from L to XL and with lotsa body hairs, either front or back .... These are the people where they are likely to use the hair dryer to dry their body, while they are standing with their underwear, in front of the table mirror.

So far, I have never seen guys blow drying their body hair in the buff before ( Maybe some of you guys are luckier than me? ) --

We have also seen many guys, after blow drying their hair .. Will also style up their hair with innovative hair gels/waxes either draped only with their towel or clad only in underwear!

Some guys will also take a selfie after drying up themselves too!

Lastly, my message here is .. Please be considerate and do not dirty the hair dryer by blowing it all over your body ...The worst part is always watching you, lifting up your towel and insert the hair dryer underneath it!

Unless you are as sexy as the hunk above ( By all means, please blow dry in the nude! ) -- Please observe Locker Room Etiquette, okay?!!

Regards, Simon


William said...

Bring your own lol

Anonymous said...

I do seen middle age guy who always just come to sauna and watching out young guys.

max said...

This is hilarious...hahahahaha...
I'm lucky I've never seen those kind of things...

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