Monday, February 14, 2011

Kursani Traditional Malay Massage & Malay Boys!!!!

Today, me and the Horny BF were horny for a massage. It's been a long, long time since we had our last massage session ( You can read some of my old massage posts :

     Lazy to drive so far for massage sessions, we decided to try our luck on KURSANI Traditional Spa and Massage, one of the oldest legitimate massage centers in Malaysia, since it's in Subang, which is much more nearer to my place & Horny BF's. Majority of the masseurs are Malays and a mixture of Indonesian and Thai Malays. From their website,, there's a gallery of their masseurs, which I think, doesn't look very desirable

    ( Hahaha -- Sometimes I feel that Malays and Thais are similar in one way, which is, they don't really look photogenic on photos...But when you see them in real person, they can look very gorgeous and rape-licious indeed! )

    Do you guys agree with my statement above , BEFORE looking at this picture?! Hahahahaha

    So, me and the Horny BF entered the premise. There's a man who speaks impeccable english manning the counter, and we asked for two normal body massage. The normal body massage costs RM40 + 5% Gov.Tax ( ?!!! ) = Total: RM42 for 1 hour. And there's a different rate if we take the private( extra RM8 ) or shared rooms. So, we picked the shared room one. ( Hahahahahaha. SO STINGY US! ). There was no line-up of masseurs for us to pick at all. Instead, we were directed to the end of corridor immediately. [ I was actually hoping to pick a lengchai Malay one --! Mana-tau?!! ]

    Me and my wild fantasies...Must control self - jor!

    We proceed to the shared massage room and upon entering, the place immediately brings us back to how it looks exactly like the normal, Thai Massage Centers in Bangkok where we were just separated by curtains. Hahaha. But unlucky for me, there's no curtain for my massage bed and i was practically in an free-for-all to see-especially-passers-by, expose situation!!! Fortunately, my bed was the last one at the end of the row. Well, at least it can help me feel more erotic during my massage session, especially with the idea of me being massaged naked and chances of my erect cock being exposed to strangers, are swimming in my mind! 

    Me and The Horny Bf...Two Chinese Sluts, lying down & waiting to be massaged by Malay Jejaka(s)! Hehehe

    After stripping and laying naked, with the towel covering my butt on the bed ( it's a raised bed, like those ambulance type one --- I should have asked the Horny BF to take a picture of me and post it over here, but then again....Sigh. I forgot! ), a cute Malay guy came in. According to ShamelessMack's BLOG, the guy has a  S2 Body ( Standard, Slim Healthy Guy ), with a smooth complexion and Beckham's hairstyle!

     Just FYI, My masseur was fully clothed all they way 

    But then again, Kursani is also known to follow a good rules and regulations as well as having straight masseurs. Thus, the massage session went on without any hanky panky and I myself, was not sure whether my masseur is a gay or not. Because is a shared room, I didn't dare to chat much with him.

    The epitome of a beautiful MALAY BUTT!!!!
    THat's how my butt will look like whenever his hands move around my thighs and butt!! - So paiseh betul!

    Throughout that 1 hour session, I only managed to have 3 short conversations with him:

    a) Simon: Erm..Nama apa - ah? ( What's your name? )
        Masseur : Dior-dre.
        Simon: Huh?
        Masseur: Dior-dre ( Until now, I still couldn't grasp what's his name actually! )
                      ( and I'm not sure whether he's Malaysian because his Malay sounds like Indonesian )

    A Chinese Twink like me, being massaged openly..

    b) Simon : Sudah lama kerja kat sini? ( How long have you been working here? )
        Masseur : 3 tahun. ( 3 years )
        Simon : Oh......

    Bang, nak saya tolong you pancut air mani keh? --- Oops!

    c) Simon : Sangat slim, senang massage kan ... ( I'm so slim, it's easy to massage right?! )
        Masseur : Ya. Tak berapa letih. ( Yup, it's not so energy-draining. Hahaha )

    That's all.....! 

    Argh.....Stim betul urut batin. Kembang keras sekarang ni! Macam mana?!!!

    His massage presses are actually quite strong for a slim guy. But he maintained his professionalism most of the time. There were no butt holes molestation as well as "innocent" touches of my balls and erect cock. He did not remove my towel as well and I was strategically covered during my thigh and chest massages. --- Though I had the occasional erections during those moments. [ Hahaha...My mind was actually hoping for him to remove my towel and proceed to fore-play one..Hence, the occasionally tent build-ups! But then again, maybe the masseur is straight? Or because free manhood massage was not provided unless I take the longer 1.5 hour sesssion. ]

    A Sexy Mixed Malay Stud! ---

    However, he did chatted with me, albeit, two short ones:

    a) Masseur: Cantik, tak potong. ( Nice, uncut! )
        Simon : Siapa kata tak potong? ...Nah, sudah potong ma....after pulling down my foreskin..tsk,tsk,tsk 
                    ( Who say's it's uncut?...There, it's cut now!!! )
                    ( All sorts of dirty things flashed though my head -- I imagined myself being "di-lancap/onani"
                    ( masturbation ); di-hisap ( sucked ); di-liwat ( anal ) by my cute Malay masseur! =P )

    The joy of being uncut is that you can be both, cut and uncut in one session! Hahaha

    b) Masseur :Badan sangat halus dan tak banyak rambut kecuali, sini sangat lebat! 
                     ( Your body is so smooth and soft, have a lot of pubic hairs!!! )
        Simon : Just smiled back embarrassingly. Hahaha
                    ( Well, ever since I've switched job, I think I have not trim my bushes for more that 3-4months d...
                    and since it's Chinese New Year as well, it's very superstitious for me to cut any parts of my hair,
                    except my moustache, because in chinese tradition, cutting our hair during CNY indirectly means
                    cutting our "wealth" away, because in Chinese, "hair" rhymes with "wealth" ma...... - Hence, I'm
                    actually looking and feeling very bushy from head to toe at the moment! )

    Yes, it's very inauspicious to cut any parts of hair in our body during the 15 days of Chinese New Year Celebrations. ( except minor hair parts like moustache and beards )!

    The only time my towel was fully removed and exposing my pai-seh erection was when he took my towel and wipe off the oil from my body. Hahaha...Even "THAT" couldn't TEMPT him...HAIK!

    Atau si masseur tu masih prefer hisap konek melayu? lebih sesuai dengan citarasa beliau - kot?!

    The place it's actually kinda rundown, the bedsheets can be very unacceptable to those clean-control-gay-freaks. There's a Herbal Steamroom and the crowd is mainly middle aged Malay Men, with both of us being the fairest of them all. Haha.


    The slim, twinky Malay Boys!

    Hahahahaha.. And so, there goes my simple massage session. The Horny BF's masseur was very professional and no Hanky Panky as well. I ended up back home with a slight pain discomfort at my bladder area ( Hahahahaha  ---- Now, I'm sure ALL OF YOU have experienced this kinda pain before where it only happens whenever we have strong, hard erections for a prolonged period but unable to "released" it...Causing the half-way through pre-cums, scurrying back to our semen vesicals! ) and at the time of this writing, I'm still keeping "IT" , so it can be used for my next Rainy Day with da Horny BF...soon!! Hehehe.

    HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to everyone ya! 
    ( p/s: Think I'll make another trip to Kursani and try out their "1.5 hour" session. Hehe. And I wonder how will Dior-dre perform this time instead - leh?!!! - Hiao-ah!

    Nah...Pukima sial!
    ( Hahaha..It's been a long, long time since I've heard many Malay curses compared to my secondary all-boys school 10 years ago. )

    p/s 2: The last two conversations with him about being cut/uncut were actually fictional! Hahahahahaha....But I admit I had lotsa "sinful" thoughts swimming in my mind each time his hands were on my butt, thighs and chest - lor...Especially the imaginations and desire for a warm,!!! )

     Now, I just hope that there are more and more open-minded Malays in Malaysia who are willing to go swimming, dressed in swim trunks just like the Malay guy above.

    This post is also dedicated to all my sexy Malay reader, whereby I receive lots of daily hits after this sexy, malay gay blog ( ) added my blog in his blog roll! Thanks !


    Anonymous said...

    You must have got Dody who is Indonesian. There are other cute gays ( oops I mean guy) you can ask for by name. I have used the outcall services for 1.5 hrs and they do come with "happy endings"! So next time asked for the 1,5 hrs and private room!

    Anonymous said...

    lol, dont simply assume they only wanna hisap konek melayu only ....You know sex is animalistic , no such thing as race preference
    btw , even though im chinese ,i dont mind fucking any race , as long as their fit and well groomed

    William said...

    Next time blog about urat batin with a tok haji wearing a serban and holding up an ATUR. LOL.

    hakimi2010 said...

    Mmg frust kan kalau gi kursani..
    Mmm..maybe u can try one yg kat klang.There u can turn your imagination to a real thing :-)

    Anonymous said...

    I think I could not stop laughing when you uttered "nak pukima sial" hahha....LMAO


    Takashi said...

    I actually abandoned ATouch, being the massage place I usually go on a monthly basis for more than 4 years..

    And last month, I visited Apsara.. AND immediately fell in love with the place.. massage was okay, and cheaper than Atouch.. At least I know I have found a replacement place hahahaa

    Only thing is.. it's downtown KL..

    Anonymous said...

    u went in your speedos?

    Anonymous said...

    hi.. jus wanna ask u something.. the pic with caption "sexy mixed malay stud!" is he really mixed? i think i met him somwhere.. but i cant remember where.

    Anonymous said...

    u didnt try kursani's steam room? usually things happen there
    hakimi - ada yg kat klang? where?
    i usually have good experiences in kursani - either a massage with a happy ending or sumthing in the steam room or shower room

    simonlover said...

    @Anonymous: Ah, yes. Dody! Any cute guys that you can recommend?! B'cz the receptionist guy is kinda "cool"..When we asked whether we can choose our masseurs? ..He said "No", instantanously!

    @William:Ya, i saw the Tok Haji picture also. He has the power, but then again....He looks kinda scary eh?! HAha

    @Anonymous: I dun think he's mixed! But one of my reader emailed me saying that he's his ex-classmate that he had a crushed on, and finally the pictures and the website i gave him, confirmed his sexuality! Tsk,tsk,tsk..SO happy my reader...!

    Anonymous said...

    The guy with his middle finger up really turns me on:D.. Anyone here got his fb or sth?.. hehe

    wanz said...

    confirmed his sexuality? u mean what? he's one of us? omg.. would u mind share his profile..? would love to be his friends.. :p

    Kelvin said...

    from singapore, am going to KL this weekend, any massage place to recommend?

    Just want to find a gay friendly place for clean massage... Thanks!

    simonlover said...

    Dear Kelvin!

    SO sorry for the late reply! Well, you can try Khun Bodyworks and A-Touch Spa..They are quite clean and good. Hope you'll enjoy your KL trip ya! Muacks!

    p/s: Kursani...The massage can be good at times..Bt then, if you want cleanliness..This is not a very suitable place for you..Hahaha )

    fiez said...

    i like ur statement "Now, I just hope that there are more and more open-minded Malays in Malaysia who are willing to go swimming, dressed in swim trunk"
    i'm malay and usually swim with swim trunk,it feels comfort and little sexy..but i like it..

    fiez said...

    add me at ym: katakirana30@yahoo

    Anon said...

    shamelessmack is locked. Any idea how can I read the blogged content?

    Anonymous said...

    Anyone of you try Danny and Andy ? I think both of them are nice. Andy is more to massage while Danny is massage + fun. Any comments ?

    Abah Adam said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.

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