Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Cobblers Nudist Beach - Sydney Australia

Hi Guys! I know I've been away for a long, long time. Friends who know me personally, will definitely know what were my ups and downs throughout these past six months. Nevertheless, I shall not give up hope and let things go without a fight! -- LOL

Anyway, this post of mine has been left idle on my "Draft" list since May 2014. And I have seen my cute, fellow blogger has even blogged about his Australia sexperiences, back in September 2014:

( Guess I don't need to elaborate further since you guys can read in details about these two places by clicking the link above )

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We actually wanted to visit the famous gay nudist beach in Sydney, which is Obelisk Beach. Unfortunately for us, we forgot that Sydney is 2 hours faster than Malaysia. When we arrived there, it was only 1.00pm Aussie time -- which is supposed to be the "best" and the "sunniest" time of the day -- without realizing it's already 3.00 pm in Malaysia.

And as you can see from the pictures below, most of the nudist beaches are situated at the bottom of a cliff. As we walked down the cliff, our anticipation has slowly turned into disappointment because the sunlight is getting darker and darker -- Why? Because the Sun has moved it's direction and unfortunately, for Obelisk Beach at 1.00pm, it was shades all over because the mountains have blocked the sunlight.

Sigh...So, me and the Horny One, sat down on the stones, contemplating whether we should proceed with the session, especially when the crowd was barely less than 10 people and they themselves, were packing away slowly.

We were actually hoping to meet handsome naked guys at Obelisk Beach -- especially people such as this Malaysian-born-cum-Aussie-PR, Jeremy Yong ( You can check out his tumblr at ). However, guess luck wasn't on our side...We finally decided to leave the place.

 Jeremy Yong in Obelisk Beach, Sydney.

Still -- hoping to cure our disappointment, we quickly googled  for other nearby Nude Beaches in Sydney and we found one, which is "Cobblers Nudist Beach" and whoa-la! -- The beach is walking distance away from Obelisk Beach!

To our surprise, the sun was shining brightly at Cobblers Beach because of the Sun's position at 1.00pm -- minus the cliff's shades! -- Yay!

And you guess it! -- We can't contain our happiness and went straight away to the beach! -- Look at the crowd! Of course, I know I shouldn't take photos -- But then again, it's not often that we, Malaysians, get to experience nude beaches -- It's not allowed in Malaysia where you will be caught and jailed for being naked at the beach! ( Please read here: )

Most of the crowd were Caucasians ...The guys above were the only Asians, minus me and the Horny BF ... But I feel the Asians above were one of the best looking around on the beach! -- LOL -- Maybe I'm biased towards Asians ... But then again, there were two hot Caucasian Guys which I really liked too -- But I couldn't get a snapshot of them. Oh - well ....

Again, I feel that the Sun is not as hot as it is, in Malaysia and Singapore. But then again, I think if one were to go tanning in the nude, please go earlier because Sydney's sun shines brightly at 6.00 am in the morning!

Nevertheless, I enjoyed my tanning session at Cobbler's Beach, Sydney Australia. It's fun strolling around the sandy beach, naked ... And people watching too .....But I did not soaked myself in the sea because the water was too cold! -- I'm blogging from another computer. Hence -- the lack of photos of myself. But here's one I took from my Instagram.



William said...

Those Rice Twinks look yummy

Anonymous said...

that jeremy yong dude was one skinny fella back to those days when he was a waiter at Green Lotus resto (behind Lot10) he looked much better as a lean twinkie.

Amir The Warlord said...

Wow look hot...hihihi.. ;-P

飞炎 said...

Finally you back!
Oh yeah!
Last picture is your's butt?
Sexy o!!

Muhd Zacky said...

Wow, it's a paradise! LOL.

cj said...

Hello Simon

Thank you so much for posting again. I'm one of your passive fans--haven't posted before. Just read and look at all the lovely pictures you post, which is a little irresponsible I guess. You make the time and effort to create such an interesting blog so I should show some appreciation by contributing. Very happy that you have returned to entertain us. Deeply appreciate your effort (and of course the delicious picture of your butt). Cheers. Peter

eric takashi said...

Lol thanks for quoting me... I didn't see it until I look at the statistics lol...

Yeaahh obelisk beach is shaded beyond 2pm... Unless u dun mind tan on the shore line against the waves lol

Anonymous said...

Could u publish malay twinks as well

link within

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