Sunday, November 30, 2014

Vietnamese Model Chan Than San - Frontal Nudes from Movie "Voyage"

I'm sure this guy does not need any further introduction anymore since he is a popular figure in the cyber world ( as well a the gay scene ) -- You can just google his name and find out more.

Vietnamese Model, Chan Than San -- Finally we get to see him in full glory in the upcoming movie by Hong Kong's Director, The Scud - "The Vovage ().

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The Voyage 

Definitely not a shower -- What do you think, guys? ;-)


飞炎 said...

Really sexy o!!
The last picture seems like his kill by someone?
This movie are you watching?

Mikoto said...

OMGGG he's definitely a super sexy guy!!!

cherub said...

he's really sexy cute and hot

Anonymous said...

What a waste, to bare it all in a film which is not circulated widely

VID JakGFren said...

i love the size.. just fit with my mouth.. ;)

eric takashi said...

I wan the movie!!!

Anonymous said...

I think he's overdone the bodybuilding far too much. He looked much better when he was slimmer. As for his full frontal, if his BF his happy, then Im happy. - Ian