Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sexy Up-&-Coming Hong Kong - Him Law 罗仲谦 ! - Part 1

Now, I have not seen any of his movies/dramas before, but from what I know, he's currently one of the hottest male actor in the Hong Kong entertainment world. Well, partly because he's one of the rarest Hong Kong actors who is willing to show off his upper torso to the world, each time when there's an opportunity? -- Just enjoy his pictures ya!

罗仲谦 ( Law Chung Him ) aka Him Law
Date Of Birth: 28 August 1984

I like this picture the most, don;t you guys agree? 

Now that we know that his perky butts put Edison's butt to shame, we just need the kind of expo-se to prove it to us that Him Law's dick is also hotter than Edison Chen's?!!! --  ( Just a wishful thinking, okay....! )


Naughty Prince said...

u saw Edison Chen one???

William said...

I've seen him in a TVB drama before. His eyebrows drawn too much attention.

jn said...

You should try to search for the movie 婚前试爱 HE IS ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS IN THAT SHOW!
He actually got quite famous from the TVB drama 搜下留情, cos he had quite a bit of topless scenes in there!

jn said...

p/s: 婚前试爱 is a movie!

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