Sunday, August 28, 2011

Boys In Kitchen...Yummy! - Part 2

Wow! Realized that the Part 1 of Boys In Kitchen was way back in February 15, 2010!!!

Well, while everyone is busy preparing for their Hari Raya holidays; balik kampung; shopping for the next few days; I'll be busy working 12 hours non-stop instead! Sigh....How I wish I can enjoy my holidays as well.

Nothing much happened today. Just that I managed to "serve" two super cute Thai Boys ( students ), who claimed they might have contracted Chicken Pox from their friends. After referring them to the nearest clinic ( It was so kind of the doctor, for not charging the boys after seeking his consultation ), they came back to me after the doctor said he can't do much about it except for them to buy some over-the-counter medicines at the pharmacy.....Haha. So, I only gave them fever medicines, anti-itch lotion and anti-viral cream to be applied on big flare ups, especially on their face [ Well, I myself will feel sad to see their super smooth, cute face, scarred by the chicken pox - right? These cute boys depends on their face for their livelihood - ma! ]...

Not many gay lous in my shop, as usual. But this time, there was one 30-something-year-old guy, whose looks are above average, standing at the aisle in front of me, who kept glancing at my direction. At first I thought, he must be very confused looking at all types of urine pregnancy tests....So, I ma kay poh ( busy-body ) , walked over to the aisle, hoping to help him out ---- Mana-tau his "friend" was squatting down looking at my "condoms"!!! Haik....And this is not an ordinary friend, my dears! -- The guy was wearing a super-tight colorful T-Shirt & Jeans  with exposed butt crack and I was like, "Oh...I don't think these guys would need any counselling at all"......Hahahaha -- Why?!! -- Because I "assume" that, the MAJORITY of the "gay lous" in KL knows about the various types of condoms because I "think" they have sex many times more than me in a week - LOR! --- So, I ended up walking past them and went back to my seat - pulak. Hahaha.

[ Well, if those guys are a little bit more of my "type", I wouldn't have hesitated to open my mouth and explain to them - willingly. Hahahahahaha -- I'm such a SLUT! ]

Anyway, enough of crap. Here are some cute boys, cooking up a storm in the kitchen [ and hopefully in your pants as well? Tsk, tsk, tsk... ], preparing a feast for you guys to savour with!!!!!! Enjoy! Muacks from Simon Lover!

Do you want to taste my "banana fritters?" ( aka "Pisang Goreng" )!
- It's gonna be "delicious"!!!

Do any one of you cook, clad only in your underwear?
 -- Don't you guys afraid of being scalded by the hot cooking oils? Yikes!

How nice is it to have a lover prepare your breakfast after a hot, wild sex on the previous night?!!! Yummy!


William said...

The bf does prepare breakfast for me (regardless of whether we had hot sex the night before), but it usually is something simple like cereal or yogurt with fruits.

Naughty Prince said...

i like the last and fourth photo from the bottom...
i like my partner that know how to cook for me...

simonlover said...

@William: And after that, you guys will continue another round of lovemaking session?!! - SLUTSSSSSSS!!!!

@Naughty Prince: And I'm sure you are good at "cleaning" up the bowls with your strong, tongue! Blek

Prachya Lakmuang said...

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