Monday, August 8, 2011

Please Save Chinatown, Kuala Lumpur.

I think by now, some of us might have heard from the news, that part of Kuala Lumpur's century-old Chinatown will be forcefully demolished to make way for the new MRT project. Last week, hundreds of shops were given  notices by the authorities to move out by September 30th, 2011. Imagine the shock and anxiety from hundreds of shop owners, whereby some have exist for nearly a century, to receive eviction notices at their door-step, early in the morning, to move out of their "free-hold" land in two months time or face legal prosecution from the powers-that-be?!!!!

I know that some of you agree that development is the way forward for Malaysia in this globalization era and currently, Chinatown is somehow, truth to be told, a sleazy area filled with foreign workers and criminals/drug addicts...But still, it played an important part of Kuala Lumpur's modernization history as it was one of the earliest and biggest Chinese settlement back in its' heydays.


Now, let me reminisce about my encounters during my Chinatown's sojourn days...

a) My parents used to bring us all the way from the Land-of-Bakuteh, to Chinatown, back in the late 80's and 90's, to the bookshops situated there -- namely, KL Big Bookshop & Popular Bookstore. Back then, McDonald's & KFC is a luxury for most families. We used to have our meals there before going back, especially the one located at UO Ocean ( which, coincidentally, celebrates it's 19th Anniversary, where it shall also be their final celebration as well! ).

b) The journey of to-&-fro of Pudu Bus Station, back when I was studying in the Land-Of-Char-Kuey-Teows. I would need to walk past Chinatown each time I want to go or leave Pudu Bus Station!

c) My SECOND & LAST porn-VCD purchase experience! -- Hahaha ...I know it's embarrassing, but I have only bought Porn VCDs in public, TWICE in my lifetime - nia! -- Back then, the authorities were clamping down hard on Pirated CDs. Since they can't sell pirated VCDs openly, the VCD sellers had no choice but to ask each passing customers in Cantonese

  • " Lengchai, you mm you mai ham dai - ah?
  • "Ham dai, ngam mou lengchai?"
  • "You mm you mai sam kap pien - ah?" 
  • "Ya-pun mui, gwai-mui, thai-kok-mui, ye-sau, ...Ngam mou ah lengchai?" --  
  • "Sam Kap Pien, Sei Kap Pien, MM Kap Pien -- Nei jong yi pien kap ah, lengchai?!" 
And I finally succumbed, once to a VCD seller, where I replied their incessant pesters by asking

  • Simon Lover : "Kam, nei yau mm yau gay lou ham dai - ah"? [ Do you have gay vcds instead of straight porns? ]
  • VCD Guy: "Yao..Mat yeah dou yao! -- Proceed to show me a list of Gay Porn titles available.
  • VCD Guy: "Sam gor dai, RM25! Hou dai geh lar, lengchai!" -- [ 3 titles for RM25 ]
  • Simon Lover: "Tak lar..Ngo yiu yi gor, tong mai yi gor and yi-gor lar!" [ Ok, I want this one & this and this! ]

So, the cute, innocent & twinkish Simon bought the VCD and happily & quickly, played the VCDs in his laptop!! --- Mana-tau, WHAT THE FUCK?!!! -- Fast Forward & forward & forward ---- WTF?!!! It's STRAIGHT PORNS! --- Even worse, the quality is so bad and the actors/actresses are so dam fugly! But the worst part was, it's supposed to be 3 videos...But the other 2 videos couldn't be played at all --- !!! OMG!!! SIMON LOVER was CONNED by the F*&^%$#$ VCD SELLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! --- Damn fucked up, right?!

d) Gay Cruising : There was once, after a part-time job interview at Bukit Bintang, I drop off from the bus at Central Market before taking another bus back to the Land-Of-Bakuteh. There was another hunk in tight work clothes, also came down from the same bus as well...So, as usual, Simon Lover being horny as always, tailed the Hunky guy even though he's walking to a different direction. The Hunky guy somehow, knew that someone was following him and suddenly, he turned around while I quickly stop and pretend to talk on the phone [ Hahahaha...Sounds so cliche, right?! ] ----

He knew I was following him and lead me to one big round of Central Market before lingering outside the old "Liquid" disco [ one of KL"s most popular & biggest Gay Disco back then ] --- We exchanged smiles of course, but being a coward [ or rather, loyal BF? -- nyek, nyek, nyek ] .... Electrifying smiles were the only sexual satisfaction gained from that ordeal before I dutifully proceed back to my original journey back home.

e) Pak-toring [ Dating ] Days --- Back when we were still students, Horny BF & I used to travel a lot on LRTs. Pasar Seni, Plaza Rakyat LRT stations, used to be our meeting ground. And sometimes we'll walk around Chinatown to fill our hungry pangs ..... Lai Foong Beef Noodles, Song Kee Beef Noodles [ Yes, the Horny BF is a strong advocate of Beef Noodles! ], Grilled Assam Fish, Air Mata Kucing, Egg Tarts, Durian Cream Puffs, Fung Wog biscuits, Wan Tan Mee, Nando's, McDonald's ---

and just this morning, we tried the oldest Dim Sum restaurant in Kuala Lumpur, Yook Woo Hin, which has been around since 1926! It saddens us when the old Lady Boss, showing us some cheerful face while trying to hide her sadness, ask us to snap more pictures of her shop and dimsums since we might never ever have the chance to savour their dimsums again....! -- Very sad indeed.

Well, for those who have some fond memories of Chinatown, or have a strong passion of history and conservation, please LIKE this facebook page and spread the word around to anyone you know who would support this cause. 



myguiltypleasure said...

where do u get our cheap pirated goods after this???

Takashi said...

like it or not, it will go..

price to pay for development..

hahahaa... kene conned lolx...
i only bought 11 gay porn cd in bangkok before in my lifetime.. haha i dont buy anymore nows~~

William said...

Such fond memories of the place. But Petaling Street has really changed a lot in recent years.

Naughty Prince said...

that took sad...
petaling street going to be close down...

Anonymous said...

I had a very bad experience over there, and never liked it ever since.

simonlover said...

@Good news, guys! -- Today the Government announced they will leave the buildings alone, but the owners must leave the area for at least 6 months during the foundation laying period.

Le Chatelier said...

U always have funny stories to tell~ Haaha

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