Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Taipei Youth Park Swimming Pool 青年公園游泳池 Gay Cruising

Taiwan, one of Asia's most LGBT friendly country. Visiting Taipei has never failed to provide endless fun & sexciting adventures to every gay boy going to the city. If you feel that you have the time to spare in Taipei, why not you pay a visit to Taipei's cruisiest swimming pool for gays !

Taipei Youth Park Swimming Pool ( 青年公園游泳池 or 青年公園水運館 )

They have an indoor pool which is opened all year round while the outdoor pool & diving pool are only opened during summer. For more details: http://winpowersports.com/locations/youth-park

Taiwanese guys are very active in sports and swimming & tanning is one of their favourite activities, especially during summer

青年公園游泳池 diving pool and water slide

青年公園游泳池 indoor pool

So, what can you when you visit Taiepi Youth Swimming Pool?

Well, you can practise your Yoga sexcersise & impress the boys at the pool!

Be sure to bring some snacks or light foods ( which can also be bought at the pool's cafe ) if you intend to linger long at the pool ..

You can also go with a group of friends to strengthen your camaraderie ..

Watch how this cute Taiwanese gay boy got invited by his friends to go to the swimming pool together: https://youtu.be/4fD1SknrOWs

Or you can also do planks and get that fantastic 6-packs instead of just lying down suntanning

Of course, needless to say -- tanning on the artificial turf is the most popular activity by the pool 

You can also take lotsa selfies to share on your social media ...

You can also take underwater selfies ...

Above: A taiwanese actor by the name of Peter Guan 管麟

The cast of the popular Taiwanese internet drama :

"Swimming Battle ( 飛魚高校生 ) -- Please watch it on YOUTUBE
Huang Hung Xuan 黃宏軒 https://www.instagram.com/xuan_0814/

and record yourself doing Pineapple Pen by the pool! 

Now, let us check how does the locker room looks like :


The dressing table and lockers at the Male Changing Room

Below : Male Changing Room 男更衣室

This is where you change your clothes. Expect lotsa guys walking around naked. Again, please be careful -- It is still a family oriented swimming pool - ya.

Of course there are mirrors everywhere .. By all means, please take more selfies.

And this is the shower area 《男淋浴間》
Basically it's cubicles with curtains. 
Up to you whether you want to shower with the curtains opened or closed ....

Some boys loves to take selfies in the shower cubicle.

And please watch this gay short film "Fragile In Love @ Poetry in Motion " < 沿海岸線徵友 > released 10 years ago in 2007 , starring Chris Wu ( 吳慷仁 ) , Kurt Chou ( 周孝安 ),  Joe Liu 劉雨凱

Whereby it was filmed in Taipei Youth Park Swimming Pool and showed how a typical gay cruising activity happens at the swimming pool and also their infamous shower sex-invitation scene.

Watch the videos here: 


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