Thursday, December 15, 2016

Mategear Model - Oscar YKFor

Mategear - The Korean brand that specializes in underwear, swimmers, sportwears and loungewears to men who are unafraid to take their risqué sex appeal to another level!

I've tried my friend's Mategear swimwears before ... Trust me, the cutting is so low that you might want to get at least 2 sizes bigger if you are not up to the game!

They've launched a new collection recently and have taken the services of the latest in-boy from Hong Kong, Oscar YKFor.

For more details about Mategear, please visit their website :


飞炎 said...

Wow!! Welcome back!!!
Thanks for sharing this !!!
His really hot.....Love!!!!

William said...

An update! Terkejut beruk! Yes, Mategear is SOOOOOO SKIMPY lo. Not family pool-friendly. LOL.

ams said...

Great you are back. Congratulations for your blog. Greetings from Spain

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