Friday, December 23, 2016

InstaHunk - @sailorshi

Here is a good looking hunk from China on Instagram @sailorshi

The sexy swimming trunk is from Marcuse, Australia. Their cutting is suitable for Asians as well, and no doubt, it's one of the hottest brand among gay Asians at the moment, especially the way Marcus accentuate your perky butt by lifting it up with it's tight cutting!

Buy Marcuse at: 

Also, @sailorshi loves to share videos on his instagram. 

And here are some wonderful videos he posted of himself. Do enjoy guys.


ams said...

Hot hunk!
It's great to discover such wonders!

Derek said...

Welcome back!

And he has such a lean bod!

William said...

Yes, big pecs and slim hips.

link within

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