Monday, March 3, 2014

Boys in Renoma Underwears - Part 2!

RENOMA Underwear is very popular among Malaysian and Singaporean guys.

Men of all ages, be it young or old, gay or straight, poor or rich .. Even when we go to the departmental stores, we can see, even the ladies are busy searching for the sexiest Renoma underwears for their husbands/boyfriends or sons! -- It's funny to see the gals, picking out the colourful range and show it to the boys, that they like these colours...Some boys will agree but some of them will just grinned and say, "Hell, no!!! "

I do not know how long has Renoma underwear established itself in Malaysia, but I can still remember the Hunky Tenant in my house, used to wear those Y-Front Tanga Briefs, way, way, way, way back in the early 1990's ! ( And he's as straight as hard rod, ya'know! )

We can also safely say that nearly 9 out of 10 guys in Malaysia or Singapore, have owned a Renoma underwear at some point of their lives.

Though Renoma underwear is not considered a luxurious or a sexy brand for gay boys, nevertheless, we have seen the evolution of Renoma underwears throughout the years and I'm sure, along the way, it has somehow, managed to capture, even by as little as 1%, the heart of every gay boy out there!

Enjoy these Renoma Cuties!

Tyler Lim
Mr.Singapore Finalist 2013 
Photographed by ByCobalt


Heart KL said...

Nice! I love to see Chinese guys wearing Renoma.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more, i myself has tons of renoma

akim said...

i love renoma too... =p

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