Saturday, March 15, 2014


I've been lying low for the past one week, as a respect to the tragic, Malaysia Airlines MH370 flight. One of the passenger is actually a bright, hunky Malay stud, who happens to be "one of us" too..These people have so much more in them...That the future could have be even better with them around. I do hope, whatever the outcome it is, we hope that this kinda event will never ever happen again. And we, Malaysians are really praying hard those everyone who is affected by this tragedy.

[ Unlike our bloody PM Najib, who had the cheek of going around shopping for chickens at the wet market on the day after the plane went missing, and  proclaiming himself a good bargain hunter, after he managed to buy a whole chicken at RM1 ( USD$0.30 ) -- He even dared to advise Malaysians to always look for cheap deals, which are available everywhere, not just sit at home and complaining about the government is not doing anything for the Malaysian welfares! ] 

Anyway, it's about time for me to share about an upcoming event. It's called ASIA PINK AWARDS 2014, organized by Element Magazine. 

Event Details:

Element Magazine is marking its 1st Anniversary with the inaugural Asia Pink Awards 2014, to be held in Singapore, honouring and giving recognition to businesses and individuals that have been actively campaigning for diversity and social acceptance of the LGBTQI community in the Asia region.

Sebastian Castro

For more information, you guys can visit these websites:


Please make yourself free on a lovely Sunday afternoon, go and visit the inaugural Asia Pink Awards 2014, ya! 


William said...

You should make your own Bubble MV

deandark said...

When will there be a LGBT event in Msia? XD

link within

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