Monday, June 17, 2013

Bart Fan 范巴特 Photography - Part II

Here is the link for the Part 1 ( ) .

So cute to see how these Taiwanese guys are willing to go so far for Bart Fan's photography works! -- I wonder Malaysians are also the same?



Fable Frog said...

eee why so malas jor, no commentary for the photos jor geh? LOL

btw, you and horny bf can pose for him ma~ represent Malaysia a bit LOL

Yours Queerly said...

that is kinda hot. especially the photographer =P

Chen Xing said...

I wonder he gets hard-on or not when taking the pictures ?

He joins them towards the end ?

Anonymous said...

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wengming said...

Bart has seen this page and he wants to leave some comments :
Do visit my fans page

Thanks guys!

Alex said...

Can whatsapp...wechat...line..

Anonymous said...